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Server-side includes (SSI) tell a server to include information in a document before sending it to the browser. All directives to the server are formatted as SGML comments within the document. In case the document should find its way to the client unparsed, it will harmlessly remain unrendered. Each server-side include is written in the format
!--#command tag1="value1" tag2="value2" --
. The simplest kind of SSI is a virtual include, which can use one command to pull HTML fragments, such as navigation bars, into all the pages of a site without having to hand code each page.

(see eXtended Server-Side Includes)

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WAP, which stands for the wireless application protocol, is a standardized, device-independent protocol that defines the development and operating environment for wireless telephones, pagers and handheld devices. WAP utilizes a lighter version of the TCP/IP protocol for transmission between devices.

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Embedded Stylesheet

This is a simple example of an embedded stylesheet. This code goes into the <head> of your HTML document.

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Put Links in Framesets

Today, we’re talking about how to specify into which frame you’d like your linked documents to load. If you’re a little fuzzy on the concept of frames, you should go back and read the first piece in this series, where we explain how to Create Simple HTML Frames in the context of a Midwestern picnic. Go ahead, we’ll wait….

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Get Your Feet Wet With SOAP

At Webmonkey, the favorite technologies are, of course, those that inspire the most punning. So Java is way up there (all those “brewing up” and “double tall” opportunities), as is HTML (“HTML is for Children” and “HTML and Back”), while topics like CGI and XSLT aren’t really a whole lot of pun.

Thus I am extremely lucky to be allowed to write about SOAP, one of the punniest technologies to come along since Unix. And it’s true:I feel lucky. So everybody scrub up, and let’s get started.

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