How To Sell a Website : Where To Sell It, When To Sell It, and What You’ll Need to Get Top Dollar

Let me guess. You started a niche blog, figured out how to make some money off it, and now you want out.

You’re obviously smart enough to know you can make a few bucks off the work you’ve put in, but you might not realize the actually payout could be much more than you expect. That’s how it went down for us at least.

We’ve sold multiple web properties and have some real insight into what websites are worth, where you can find a buyer for yours, and what you’ll need to finalize a deal.

In addition, we talked to the industry leaders in website brokering and learned what the biggest factors are that make or break a website sale.

Why To Sell

Deciding to sell your website or blog is usually inspired by a motivating act; whether it be an increase in revenue, decrease in revenue, or offer from an outside entity.

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