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Where 2.0: Bing Maps Partners With FourSquare, Fwix Builds Open Places Database

Map nerds unite, this year’s Where 2.0 conference is in full swing and there are already several notable announcements, including a partnership between FourSquare and Bing Maps to create Foursquare Everywhere, and a much improved API from local news site Fwix.

The Bing Foursquare partnership pulls Foursquare data into Bing Maps to visualize check-ins, tips, badges and mayorships. Bing announced the new Foursquare feature earlier this year, but it was not available until today. Even now the rollout of the new features appears to be staggered so if you don’t see it yet, be patient.

The more interesting announcement for developers is the revamped Fwix API which now allows third-party developers to pull in names, locations and web content about places. There’s also an ad layer you can include in your app, pulling in ads from Fwix’s partners (like AT&T and Comcast).

Part of Fwix’s goal is to create an open database of places. To do that the company has partnered with Factual, a large-scale geodata aggregator founded by Gil Elbaz, the man behind Google’s AdSense technology. Factual provides the geodata backend and Fwix builds on that with its aggregated info about each place.

Fwix’s new Places API allows developers to request business listings, cities, and neighborhoods. Combine that with Fwix’s Content API and developers can request reviews, news, check-ins, photos, video, and tweets about any particular place ID in Fwix’s database.

For more information on the Fwix API, head on over to the site and read through the documentation. The Fwix API is free, just sign up for a developer key to get started.

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