WebMonkey is built using the free, open source blogging platform from WordPress.org. The site is hosted on WPEngine and uses a modified version of the Spotlight theme purchased on ThemeForest.net. The homepage and other landing pages are built with the WordPress page builder, Elementor.

Plugins being utilized on this site include Rank Math, Image Elevator, Popup Anything, Redirection, BreadCrumbNavXT, Ad Injection and Table of Contents Plus.

About WebMonkey

True to its origins, WebMonkey has been re-launched as a vehicle to help novice designers, developers & entrepreneurs start web endeavors including online businesses, podcasts, blogs and YouTube channels.

This site seeks to inform, educate and ultimately inspire the next generation of start-ups, side hustlers, and life-long learners to utilize the web and its endless possibilities as a tool for growth and success.

Tim Seidler

Owner & Founder

Sean Green

Expert Tester

Brittney B.

Brittney Brandt

Novice Tester

About Tim Seidler

Tim Seidler is the founder of WebMonkey.com.

He owns and operates several web properties dedicated to helping connect consumers with expert knowledge and recommendations to make informed purchase decisions and to further their education and understanding of the topic.

He has spent the last 10 years building, curating, monetizing, buying and selling web properties using a variety of strategies.

In the process he’s learned the ins and outs of SEO, HTML, CSS, WordPress, UX, content development, marketing and how to grow a million dollar business. He invests in premium domain names and frequently gets distracted with new and exciting opportunities.

When not sitting at the computer he sits on his XBox engaging his 9 year old son and 7 year old daughter in some friendly Fortnite gaming. When he goes outside he loves to boat, play golf, travel and maintain his yard. He can be a real dad like that.