Best Website Builder for Weddings

Having a wedding website has become an essential step in the wedding planning process. An informative and cohesive website will help your guests know the details of your wedding. You will also benefit from features that integrate with guest list management and registries.

Building your dream wedding website does not have to be expensive or complicated. Choose one of these best wedding website builders to create a unique and informative website for your big day.

What is the Best Website Builder for Weddings?

Each of these website builders offers different features and design elements to fit your planning needs.

  1. Zola
  2. The Knot
  3. Squarespace
  4. Wix
  5. WeddingWire
  6. Minted
  7. Appy Couple

Wedding Website Builder Comparison Chart

Free Plan/Free Trial Starting Plan (/Month) Templates Apps 24/7 Support
Zola Free plan available $14.95 one-time (for custom domain) 393 Yes No
The Knot Free plan available $20 one-time (for custom domain) 163 Yes No
Squarespace 14-day free trial $12 8 Yes Yes
Wix Free plan available $13 27 Yes Yes
WeddingWire Free plan available $12.99 one-time (for custom domain) 36 Yes No
Minted Free plan available $20 one-time 1,458 No No
Appy Couple No $49 one-time 296 Yes Yes

#1 – Zola

A Zola account allows you to keep all of your wedding planning tasks in one account. Aside from creating a wedding website, Zola offers invitation printing, vendor information, registry building, and other helpful tools to simplify the planning process.

Zola’s wedding website builder offers hundreds of templates that fit any wedding style, and you do not have to be a tech expert to create your website. While many designs and offerings are free, Zola does have paid plans for personalized website domains or premium templates.

Pros Cons
  • The website is easy to set up
  • Zola offers many free templates
  • You can choose a website template that matches printed invitations and stationery
  • You can make your entire website or certain events private
  • Detailed guest list and RSVP tracking
  • Few templates have matching stationery
  • Users have reported problems with Zola’s customer service features
  • Because Zola is such an extensive website, it may be challenging to navigate to the website builder

Ease of Use

Once you create an account, Zola walks you through a step-by-step process to create your website. You can choose from modern designs and templates, plugin your information, and send it to your guests.

Zola’s wedding website templates are perfect for those who are not tech-savvy.

Design Flexibility

While Zola offers modern layouts, its design flexibility is limited. Zola was originally a registry service, so their website features and customizations are lacking.

Website Features

You can build an extensive wedding registry through Zola that you can then include on your wedding website. You can also include outside registries on your website, so guests know where to shop.

You can include all of your events on your wedding website and then set some of them private. This way, those who are not invited to your rehearsal dinner will not see it as an option when browsing your website.

Help and Support

Zola has an extensive FAQ page, a convenient start to diagnosing any problems or questions you have. However, if you are looking for a live representative to assist, you only have a specific timeframe to call.

You can email Zola’s customer support department, and the first available representative will respond to your ticket.

Value for the Money

The Zola wedding website builder offers many free layouts that fit most wedding themes for free, which is an excellent value when coupled with all of the other offerings of having a free Zola account.

If you prefer to have the handle removed from your website, you can purchase a custom domain for $14.95. This one-time fee is lower than that of other domain purchases from similar wedding website builders, and it is certainly lower than other websites requiring a monthly fee. However, Zola does not allow for high-level customization that other, more expensive websites provide.

User Review

Rachel L. (Influenster) had a positive experience building her website. Zola asked a lot of questions to ensure she got the assistance she needed.

#2 – The Knot

The Knot is another one-stop-shop wedding planning website. They specialize in providing the top vendors to help with your wedding planning process.

Along with a wedding website builder, they have excellent planning tools like their budget tracker, which allows you to set a budget and then deducts expenditures.

Pros Cons
  • Websites integrate with local hotels and room blocks
  • You can include your registry information or create cash registries through The Knot that you can add to your website
  • Guests can RSVP through your website
  • The Knot has an interactive, extensive app
  • Custom privacy controls and password-protected sites are available
  • It is difficult to update your wedding website from the app
  • RSVP option is not customizable beyond letting you know if they plan on attending and which meal option they choose
  • Website layouts are not very customizable

Ease of Use

The Knot walks you through creating your website. You choose from one of the hundreds of modern designs, enter your information, and save. Your Knot dashboard will tell you which percentage of your wedding information is complete, and you can choose to complete however much you prefer.

Once complete, The Knot will display a quick click copy button, so you do not mistype your website domain when sharing to social media or pasting to wedding invitations and stationery.

Design Flexibility

Wedding websites through The Knot do not offer much design flexibility. You can customize your information, but the overall design of the site is quite rigid.

Website Features

The Knot helps make your wedding planning process virtual by allowing guests to shop your registry and RSVP to your wedding.

Building a wedding website through The Knot allows you to add hotel accommodations, photo albums, and suggested attire.

Help and Support

If you need support from customer service, you can contact their team during their regularly scheduled business hours. The Knot has a LiveChat feature or a phone number to call.

You can email their customer support 24/7, but you will not receive a response until their regularly scheduled business hours.

Value for the Money

The Knot provides a free website building service that also includes registry plugins and RSVP tracking. If you set up your account on The Knot, you also have access to their extensive list of vendors, wedding budget tracker, and customizable checklist.

For an additional $19.99, you can customize your website domain, which will remove from your website handle.

User Review

Rolando W. (SiteJabber) “I truly cannot say enough good things about the Knot website and services provided. They truly made planning far easier than trying to plan on our own. Using the Knot allowed us to have an amazingly unforgettable wedding!”

#3 – Squarespace

Squarespace focuses on website development for small businesses. While they are not traditionally known to build wedding websites, you can choose from their customizable layouts.

Squarespace has easy-to-use interfaces created to help small businesses who do not have the budget to hire IT support. Because of this, they also make it easy to create your wedding website.

Pros Cons
  • Modern, professional designs
  • Very customizable
  • You can password protect pages of your website, or the whole thing
  • No free option, but you can try it with a 14-day trial
  • You are paying for features you do not need, like e-commerce and search engine optimization features
  • There are no wedding-specific features, like RSVP tracking

Ease of Use

Squarespace is user-friendly, but it offers more design customization features, making it more difficult for someone just looking to create a wedding website. However, if you are looking for more creative freedom than the standard wedding website builders offer, Squarespace is a great choice.

Design Flexibility

Squarespace provides many modern, classic designs that will give your website a polished look. You can start with one of their templates and customize fonts, design elements, and colors until it has a look and feel you want.

Website Features

Since Squarespace focuses on businesses, it has impressive features that other wedding websites do not. You can use the Instagram plugin to stream your wedding hashtag to your website, and you can use the Google Maps integration to help guests find your venue or the hotel.

Squarespace has recently partnered with Zola to offer more traditional wedding website features. It is now easier for you to share your registry information on your Squarespace website.

Help and Support

Squarespace does not provide a phone number to speak with a customer service representative, but they are available through their live chat feature during regular business hours.

Squarespace provides video tutorials, a community forum, and an extensive knowledge base to answer your questions.

Value for the Money

Many of the tools that Squarespace offers are not relevant for a wedding website, and depending on how long you keep your website up, the monthly cost adds up. 

If you are particular about design and have more say in customization, it is worth the extra money.

User Review

Janet (Trustpilot) explains that “The platform had almost everything I need, however, it’s still limited in some cases.”

#4 – Wix

Wix is another website platform developed for small businesses, but unlike Squarespace, you can sign up for a free account and still take advantage of the enhanced customization features. You can choose from premade wedding templates and then make them your own without having website design experience.

Pros Cons
  • Easy-to-use click and drag website editor
  • Chic, modern templates
  • Easily upload and edit photos
  • Password protect select pages or your whole site
  • Upgrade to a paid plan for a custom domain
  • Does not have traditional wedding website features, like RSVP or guest tool
  • Cannot integrate your registry
  • You cannot get rid of the Wix banner at the top of the screen with a free plan

Ease of Use

Wix is one of the most user-friendly website platforms to build on. Its drag and drop editor makes it easy to customize your website and view your layout without having to go to a separate preview screen.

With little to no website building experience, you can create a modern, professional-looking website on Wix. Wix offers different plugins to enhance your website. You can add a map feature to show guests where your hotel or venue is located.

Design Flexibility

After you choose a wedding template that best matches your theme, the sky’s the limit. You can click and drag different elements from your design, add or delete elements, edit font, and add multiple pages.

If you choose to pay for a premium plan, you will have more access to premium features and can delete the Wix banner from the top of your website.

Website Features

The Wix App Market allows you to add custom elements to your website, like videos or maps. Some features in the App Market come at an additional cost, but they are easily integrated onto your website.

Wix has an extensive library of photos that you can add to your website. It is easy to drag and drop as many of your pictures to your Wix library to add a photo album to your site.

Help and Support

Wix created a user-friendly help section that allows you to troubleshoot any problem you may run into virtually. If you cannot find your question through their troubleshooting help page, you can email them 24/7. The customer service team at Wix will respond during regular business hours.

Value for the Money

Wix has a free option that allows you most of the same customization features as their paid plans. Having a paid plan will enable you to customize your domain and remove the Wix banner from your website.

If you consider a premium plan, the $13 monthly fee can add up, depending on how long you keep your wedding website up.

User Review

Fit & Kick Team (Trustpilot) “I think my website is beautiful and easy to use, and make changes on.”

#5 – WeddingWire

Like other wedding planning websites, WeddingWire offers a full suite of planning and organization tools to help you plan your wedding. WeddingWire boasts the largest vendor database of any wedding planning website and provides services to brides outside of the United States.

Along with a vendor catalog, registry integrations, and their wedding shop, you can build and customize your wedding website. While their templates are not the most innovative or creative, they are clean and get your message across to your guests.

Pros Cons
  • They integrate with other wedding planning websites
  • You can add a custom photo background to your website
  • Hotel integration makes booking easy and displays room blocks
  • Password protect or hide individual pages, like dress rehearsal invitations
  • Cannot update your website from the WeddingWire app
  • No matching stationery options like other wedding planning websites offer
  • Users reported website builder to be challenging to understand and use

Ease of Use

Like other wedding site builders, WeddingWire offers a step-by-step process to build your wedding website. There is not much room for customization, but they make it easy to plug your information in and share your site with friends, family, and guests.

Design Flexibility

WeddingWire focuses most of its features on adding vendors and planning your wedding, so its website builder is not very flexible. However, they recently added a new feature that allows you to customize your website background with personal pictures.

Website Features

You can collect RSVPs through your WeddingWire website. Once you know who is coming, WeddingWire has a feature that allows you to create a seating chart. They make guest organization as easy as possible.

Their photo background feature is unique to WeddingWire and a great way to customize your website. You can add engagement or other photos with just a drag and drop to the upload screen.

Help and Support

WeddingWire provides a help page where you can troubleshoot your problem and answer your questions. If you get stuck, you can fill out a form for their customer service department to respond. Email support is only available during regular business hours.

Value for the Money

WeddingWire offers its services and website builder for free. However, if you would like a custom domain, you can purchase it for $12.99.

Like other wedding planning websites, most of the value is in the planning tools and not necessarily the website builder.

User Review

Amy B. (Sitejabber) had a great experience with WeddingWire:

#6 – Minted

Minted was originally a site where independent artists could showcase and sell their designs. They have since grown their art and template catalog to be the largest in the wedding industry. You can find a unique design that matches your wedding theme that you can use on your wedding website and printed cards and invitations.

Pros Cons
  • Unique designs that come curated from independent designers
  • Easy-to-use quick start option
  • Provide stationery and décor to match your wedding theme
  • Key features, like privacy settings, are only available through a premium, paid account
  • Templates are not customizable beyond what the designer has created
  • There are no registry plugins

Ease of Use

Minted walks you through an easy-to-follow process to create your website. Once you have published your website, it is easy to go back and edit or share it to social media.

Design Flexibility

The independent designers who submit artwork and templates to Minted do not leave much room for customization. Their unique designs do not allow you to add much more than your wedding information.

Website Features

Besides extensive, unique designs, Minted wedding websites also offer RSVP, registry, and photo gallery features.

To give your guests more information on your wedding, you can also include a story on how you met your fiance, the names of those in your wedding party, and sightseeing suggestions for those planning on staying over.

Help and Support

The Minted customer support team is available through live chat or phone during regular business hours.

If you are looking for 24/7 support, you can try to troubleshoot the problem using their Quick Help links.

Value for the Money

Minted has a free website builder option, but if you are looking for more template options or additional features, you must upgrade to their premium account for $20.

Unlike other wedding websites, Minted does not offer planning tools beyond the website builder, stationery, and small shop for decor and favors. However, if you are looking for a beautiful, original website to showcase your wedding plans, Minted has you covered.

User Review

Liv S. wrote on SiteJabber:

#7 – Appy Couple

Appy Couple understands that today’s wedding couples and most of their families own smartphones, making everything user-friendly for both computer browsing and through their app. Modern engaged couples can go beyond creating a personalized wedding website and create a personalized wedding app.

Pros Cons
  • Allows you to send digital Save the Dates to guests
  • Receive RSVP alerts and guest messages
  • Hundreds of modern, beautiful template designs
  • Lots of app features
  • Guests must download the app for all features to work properly
  • Expensive option for the same features that most other wedding websites provide
  • Matching stationery is unavailable

Ease of Use

Even if you are not technically inclined, you can create a beautiful wedding website with easy-to-use drag and drop builder features.

If you do not have access to a laptop or desktop, Appy Couple makes it easy for you to edit your website from their mobile app.

Design Flexibility

As with other pre-designed templates, there is not much room for design flexibility. However, Appy Couple has a very easy-to-use app that allows for customization through the app.

Website Features

Appy Couple offers photo sharing and streaming options for guests to upload memories, too. Through the website builder, you can create a sharable photo album for you and guests to upload and share photos.

Help and Support

They do not provide a contact phone number, but you can contact the support team at Appy Couple 24/7 by emailing them.

If you are looking to manage your question on your own, you can consult their FAQ page that responds to questions and issues that other customers have encountered.

Value for the Money

Appy Couple does not offer a free option, so you must choose between the Appy Boutique or Appy Luxury options. The Boutique option is less expensive at $49, while the Luxury option offers unlimited access to everything Appy Couple has to offer but costs $149.

Thankfully, the fees for using the services provided by Appy Couple are on-time only, and you will not be charged a monthly fee.

User Review

Kimmarie (WeddingWire) “As a wedding planning and coordinating tool, Appy Couple goes above and beyond. Not only will you create a beautiful wedding website, but you’ll also create an interactive app for people to download. Guaranteed, guests will love it.”

How to Choose a Website Builder for Your Wedding

You need to understand your needs and preferences before choosing an online tool for your customized wedding website. If customizing it yourself is essential, and you are comfortable creating a website, you can choose to go with a traditional website builder not necessarily made for weddings. If you are new to building sites and just need something for your wedding, opt for a builder that does all of the heavy lifting.

Regardless of how much originality and customization you prefer, consider your budget before creating your website.


Help improve your website building experience by reviewing these frequently asked questions.

What Information Do I Need to Include for my Guests?

If you are creating a room block or have a destination wedding, your guests will need to know where they can book their rooms and if there are special rates.

It is customary to include venue information on your wedding website, and you can share a link to your registry.

How Long Should I Keep My Wedding Website Up?

It is mostly up to you how long you choose to keep your wedding website up, but it is customary to include it with your bridal shower invitations so guests can visit your registry. Therefore, it should be up before your bridal shower. 

Experts suggest leaving your website up a few months to a year after your wedding for anyone who may purchase a late gift.

Do I Need to Possess Design Experience to Create a Wedding Website?

No! It is so easy to create a modern, elegant website with little to no experience. Be sure to look into pre-populated themes and templates from wedding website builders to choose the best one to match the look and feel you want for your wedding.

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