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Debugging with Venkman

Last week’s Webmonkey article “Simple JavaScript Debugging” by Chris Klimas covered the basics of troubleshooting your client-side scripts. Chris showed us how to use very simple alert techniques and how to run JavaScript consoles in various browsers.

This week, Webmonkey has Part Two of Chris’ JavaScript debugging tutorial. It focuses on Venkman, Mozilla’s open source, cross-platform debugging tool. Klimas gives us step-by-step instructions on how to install and use the program, then offers some advice and helpful tips.

So have a look at “Debugging with Venkman” over on Webmonkey. Keep in mind that this two-part tutorial is meant for beginner to advanced JavaScript programmers. So, if you’re totally new to JavaScript, you may want to start by reading Thau’s handy “JavaScript Tutorial” first.

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