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Solitaire Through the Ages

OK, I’ll admit it.

When I first booted up a Vista machine to test it out, I was supposed to be playing with the print driver and the wireless networking features. And of course, within five minutes I was tearing through my third game of Solitaire. I just couldn’t help myself! Why is this game so super-addictive? I think it’s because it’s all the fun of playing cards without the hassle of actually shuffling and dealing. Either way, Klondike Solitaire is dear to our hearts (and presumably yours… and not to mention Hearts!) so we’ve assembled this gallery of Solitaire’s many faces through the ages. Enjoy.

Windows 3.0, click for larger

Windows 95, click for larger


Windows 98, click for larger

Windows XP, click for larger

Windows Mobile

Windows Vista, click for larger

I snagged these photos from various places on the web, and I never was
able to find a shot of Windows 98 or NT. But I’ve already wasted enough
time playing Solitaire. I can’t dig for screenshots all day, right? If
you know of a good 98 or NT shot, point to it in the comments and Scott
or myself will add it. UPDATE: Thanks to Dustin for the Win98 shot!