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Alpha Geeks of Open-Source Converge at OSCON

All things open-source are on the agenda at O’Reilly’s ninth annual Open-Source Convention, which runs July 24-27 in Portland, Oregon.

Over 2,500 attendees are expected at the 2007 edition of OSCON. As always, we’ll see the usual tutorials and break-out sessions for programmers, designers, security experts and the like, but there will also be a healthy amount of debate about where open-source is headed and what issues it’s currently facing both as a model and as a philosophy. Some would argue that open-source lives on in every bit of technology we touch — from our set-top boxes and our web browsers to online services like Wikipedia and Flickr. Others would argue that it’s under a bigger threat than ever from patent threats and money-minded opportunists.

The debates begin in earnest on Tuesday with the O’Reilly Radar executive briefing sessions. We’ll be there to bring you the session highlights, as well as all of the important announcements. Chances are, we’ll also see a few applications and hardware innovations that we’ll want to tell you about as well.