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obessing.jpg is a new online dev tool for those that would like to play round with the Processing drawing and animation language. The site is still in a very alpha state and lacks features like the ability to save your work, but the live demo feature is very cool.

If you were impressed by the processing.js library we mentioned last week, which allows you to interact with Processing using JavaScript, Obsessing is right up your alley. In fact, that site uses the processing.js script behind the scenes.

Obsessing is a two part site, a text editor where you can write your script and then a live preview of your script in action. As with the Processing JavaScript library, you’ll need to have Firefox 3 in order to run the scripts (Safari support is about half complete).

Still if you’d like to see what Processing is capable of give Obsessing a try, just keep in mind that there’s still bugs aplenty.

[via Waxy]

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