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Zoho Writer Adds Google Doc Import Capabilities

Zoho Writer ImportZoho has released a small but welcome update that allows you to import Google documents into Zoho Writer. Zoho Writer also now supports LaTeX exports and features a new equation editor.

The new Google Docs to Zoho Writer import features means that you can bulk export files from Google Docs and then upload the same .zip file into Writer and all your documents will be automatically added.

The other new options are aimed squarely at the students and scholars among us. The new Equation Editor supports LaTeX markup (a document markup language widely used by mathematicians, scientists, engineers and academics) and automatically generates an image of the equation. If you’re not familar with LaTeX, fear not, you can create equations using the more GUI-oriented symbol selection dialog.

The LaTeX support also extends to a new export option that allows you to save your Writer documents as TeX files.

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