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An Event Apart: Jeff Veen’s Standout Slides

The twitter-verse (as it’s sometimes called) was buzzing around one particular presentation at An Event Apart conference on Tuesday. Author and Webmonkey, Hotwired, Adaptive Path and Google veteran Jeff Veen’s Designing the Next Generation of Web Apps was supposedly stunning — even to the point of bringing tears to one’s eyes.

Veen’s presentation is now online for your viewing pleasure. Don’t grab the kleenex yet. You can derive loosely what Veen was saying in the presentation, but his visual presentation style stays true — there’s hardly any text and no presentation notes. I doubt these out of context slides will start waterworks, but they’ll entice you to want to see the man in action.

For those who went, the slides are a memento of what was said to be an inspiring way to visualize how to present a story through data.

For those who weren’t in attendance, I recommend slides 24 to 35, which present a way to go from a data dump of raw rainfall numbers to an overlaid map which tells exactly what the data means in one glance.

If you want to hear the presentation in context, Veen’s next public appearance is Monday, September 8th at the Society for News Design (SND) conference in Las Vegas.

Until then, check out this snippet from Veen’s presentation on data overload from June’s An Event Apart in New Orleans:

Jeff Veen on data overload from Jeffrey Zeldman on Vimeo.

The tweets from and after Tuesday’s An Event Apart presentation suggested people were practically falling over themselves applauding Veen and resulting in calls for phone book readings, a presidential campaign, plenty of hyperbolic praise and even a marriage proposal.

Wow, color us impressed. We’re sorry we missed it, but way to go, Webmonkey!