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JQuery Redesign: “Be a JavaScript Rock Star”

New JQuery Site

JavaScript framework JQuery redesigned its project site, continuing its innovative ways. The home page jumps out with an illustration that is apparently contentious within the JQuery community. Like it or hate it, it’s definitely a bold departure from the previous version.

Rey Bango, a JQuery evangelist, puts it this way:

One of the things about the jQuery Project is that we’ve never run with the crowd or accepted the norm. By pushing boundaries and sometimes being “in your face” we’ve not only grown tremendously in popularity but we’ve pushed most of the other JS library projects to rethink their own principles and make changes to improve their products.

This redesign is reminiscent of the 2006 redesign, which is still online today. At the time it was the stand-out JavaScript effects library and the redesign still shows off its features. The home page is animated and contains draggable elements.

One of my favorite aspects of the JQuery site has always been its “Learn JQuery Now!” section of the home page. There is a small line of code and a button. Click the button and the JQuery code runs right on the page, showing potential users how easy and cool it is. I’m happy to see that piece remains intact with the redesign.

The new JQuery site was designed by Scott Jehl and the controversial rock star illustrated by Varick Rosete.

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