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‘Forgotten Attachment Detector’ Stops (Some) Gmail Gaffes

gmailHigh on our list of dream e-mail features is something to stop us from sending an e-mail without the attachments we claim to be including. Well, if you’re a Gmail user, that feature is now available through an awesome new Labs feature: Forgotten Attachment Detector.

Forgotten Attachment Detector (which you can enable in the Labs section of your Gmail settings) adds a warning if you use the word “attached” in an e-mail, but don’t actually attach any files. The warning acts just like the existing warnings when you forget to write a subject or add a recipient for your e-mail.

Gmail attachement warning

Obvious it’s not perfect. If you write an e-mail telling someone how attached you are to your new kitten, yes, it will prompt you to upload a file. Similarly, if you tell someone to “see the files in this message” the filter will miss the cue, but at least some of the time, it should help remind you to actually attach your files.

Now if you just had a “recall” button to stop those late-night, alcohol-soaked rants…

[via Pulse 2.0]

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