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Cloning Facebook Working Nicely For MySpace

Did you get this email? If not, you might have to check your old email address, the one you used to sign up for MySpace back in 2005.

We’ve added a great new feature to MySpace! Just click the link below, and you’ll be able to automatically find people you may know, and easily add them as friends:

People you may know on MySpaceThe new feature looks for people who you share two or more friends with, but who you aren’t already friends with. The tool is similar to Facebook’s Friend Finder.

This is another step toward MySpace becoming more useful. It’s connecting what used to be islands of profiles, where you had to click from user to user, hoping to stumble into someone you know. The “People You May Know” feature follows other Facebook-esque features like a feed of friend updates and status messages.

MySpace has claimed to be “a place for friends,” but it may finally helping people really connect to each other. It just may all be thanks to Facebook.

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