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Flock 2.0 Builds on Firefox 3, Adds MySpace Support [Updated]

Flock 2.0Flock, the “social web browser” built on top of Firefox, has released version 2.0, which now incorporates all the goodness of Firefox 3, along with some new Flock-only social features layered on top.

As the company showed off some time ago, Flock 2.0 now offers networking baked in from MySpace. The MySpace integration which allows you to easily track your friends’ activities on MySpace just as you can on Facebook, Twitter, Digg, YouTube and other sites that Flock supports.

The other big enhancement in this release is the Media RSS capability, which allows you to subscribe to any image and video feed, even if it’s from a site that Flock doesn’t fully integrate with. The new features work just like the old add media streams via Flock’s URL bar, and then you can drag and drop images to your blog, Facebook page or wherever.

Of course Flock 2.0 offers very little that can’t be achieved through a myriad of Firefox 3 plug-ins, but the appeal of Flock lies in the fact that you don’t need to spend three hours tracking down plug-ins and creating a bloated, and potentially unstable, version of Firefox.

Flock does the hard work for you, making sure that the features are fully integrated and easy-to-use right out of the box rather than a slipshod patchwork of plug-ins.

Flock 2.0 is a worthy upgrade, and the Firefox 3 underpinnings promise greater speed and stability in addition to Flock’s new features. What’s more, with tools like Geode and integrated geo location services coming in Firefox 3.1, we’re looking forward to seeing what Flock does in its next revision.

Update: An important note for Flock fans, the company has killed off Flock-specific add-ons. In an e-mail to Flock users, Community Ambassador Evan Hamilton says that “the architecture behind is not mature, and we have historically been unable to devote valuable developer resources to this.”

It’s worth noting that most popular Firefox add-ons work with Flock (including our favorites, Greasemonkey and NoScript) so the loss of Flock-specific add-ons doesn’t mean you can’t extend the browser, it just means there won’t be any add-ons extending Flock’s features.]

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