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Gmail Helps Stop Your Drunken E-mail Rants

gmail logoIs your Saturday morning inbox filled with regret and self-loathing for the drunken e-mails you fired off the night before? If so, Gmail might have a solution for you. Google’s Gmail Labs has a new experimental featured dubbed “Mail Goggles” which will attempt to prevent you from sending out those ill-advised late night e-mails.

Gmail developer Jon Perlow created Mail Goggles as a kind of e-mail sobriety test. It works by stopping your message when you hit send and then presents a series of simple math problems you need to solve before you really send the e-mail.

The problems themselves aren’t very difficult, but they do serve the purpose — making you stop and think about what you’re doing.

By default Mail Goggles is set to catch late Friday and Saturday night e-mails, but you can set the days and times to whatever you like in the preferences.

To enable Mail Goggles, just head to the Labs section, select the times you want, and save your changes.

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