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Windows 7 Will be Officially Known as… Windows 7

Win7Microsoft has announced that the next version of Windows, known informally as Windows 7, will be officially named… Windows 7. This marks the first time since Windows 3.1, that actual version number has been part of the name.

While some are mocking the decision, we actually think it’s about time Microsoft ditched the not-so-clever marketing hype and came out with a product whose name actually makes some degree of sense.

We still have no idea what Windows “XP” was referring to and “Vista,” well, who knows — it looks good?

Unfortunately, while we like the change to a simple version number, the number “7″ is a bit misleading. There are several ways you could do the math, but none of them will add up to seven. The kernel is at 6.1 so that doesn’t work, and if you start with Windows 3.1, 95, 98, Me (cringe), 2000, XP, Vista — that’s already seven versions…

Whatever the case, Windows 7 it is. We just hope the release after that is Windows 8.

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