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Gmail Improves Rich Text Editor with Inline Image Support

Gmail has added a new inline image option to its wealth of experimental Labs features. The inline image option allows you to embed images within your message text while composing an e-mail.

Those who use other e-mail clients may wonder what the big deal is, but for Gmail users who live and die by the application’s web interface, the new Labs feature makes Gmail’s rich text editor much more useful.

To turn on the new features, head to the Labs tab in your Gmail settings and enable the new “Inserting Images” option. Then, assuming you have “rich formatting mode” as your default composing option, you’ll now have the ability to embed an image inline with the text of your message. Just move your cursor to where you’d like the image to show up, then click the new “image” button, which should now show up on the compose toolbar. You can then grab an image off your hard drive or paste in a URL. Sadly, the feature does not take advantage of Gmail’s multi-file uploads, so you’re limited to plugging in one image at a time.

Just because you compose messages with inline images does not mean your recipient will see them that way — the results depend on the recipient’s e-mail settings. Still, at least you now have a way to send messages to those who do allow inline images.

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