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Windows Vista SP2 Lives, Will Arrive Q2 2009

Microsoft is gearing up to release the second service pack for its beleaguered Vista operating system. Vista SP2 doesn’t have a firm release date just yet, though Microsoft says it will arrive in the second quarter of 2009, which puts it well ahead of the coming Windows 7 release.

If you’re pining for Windows 7, but stuck with Vista for the time being, the Vista SP2 update does promise a few goodies that may well make it worth the upgrade.

The most notable new features in SP2 are the ability to burn Blu-Ray discs natively in Vista and the new Windows Connect Now, which makes wi-fi configuration much easier. The Windows Search feature has also reportedly been improved and should be faster.

Vista SP2 will also include a number of bug fixes and all the incremental updates rolled out since SP1 was released.

I’ll admit that ever since the Windows 7 beta arrived, Vista has disappeared from my PCs in favor of dual booting XP and Windows 7, which is shaping up to be what Vista should have been. Still, if you’ve been having problems with Vista, perhaps SP2 can tide you over until Windows 7 is released.

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