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PHP and MySQL Tutorial – Lesson 1

Open source has brought a lot more than Linux to the computing world. It has also given us PHP and MySQL.

In the first installment of this three-lesson tutorial, we cover everything you need to know to begin developing database hubs. You’ll get instructions for installation on both Unix and Windows, and then you’ll learn some simple scripts that will insert information into a database and display that data on a web page.

Lesson 2 covers more PHP/MySQL goodies than you could probably imagine:while loops, the ever-useful if-else statement. But this information alone means little if you don’t continue and see how PHP can be used with HTML forms. By the time you’ve polished off this lesson, you’ll be able to add, edit, and remove information from your database.

In Lesson 3, you’ll learn some of the secrets that will turn your simple data-driven site into a useful application. We’ll cover validation and show how to prevent users from leaving key form fields blank and how to make sure numeric files don’t contain letters. You’ll also learn how PHP handles includes and functions. Plus you’ll see how these two features, when deployed together, can make the coder’s life much easier. Everything winds up with some tearful parting words and a bit of advice for the aspiring PHP/MySQL coder.