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Google Launches Buzz, Its New Social Media Sharing Platform

Google debuted Buzz Tuesday morning, its latest product for sharing links, media and status updates with your friends.

Buzz is fully integrated with Gmail’s inbox. You can go to and turn it on right now if you’re a Gmail user.

Buzz is more than a little bit like Twitter — and a whole lot like Facebook and FriendFeed. Anything you post is automatically sent out to the people on your Google Contacts list you interact with the most. All updates are real-time, and anything you share is open for comments. You can also post privately to a select group of friends.

Posts can be geotagged, and the location-aware features really come to life when you post from a mobile with GPS inside. Buzz will figure out where you are and show you recent posts around your current location.

You can post status updates directly to Buzz or pull in posts from Twitter or FriendFeed, YouTube videos, photos from Flickr or Picasa, links (complete with photos) from Google Reader or any source listed in your Google Profile. There’s no Facebook integration.

You can’t post from Buzz out to Twitter or other services — it’s a one-way street for now, but Google says it hopes add that ability later. All public updates are available as XML. Also, OAuth, Webfinger, PubSubHubbub and Activity Streams are all supported out of the box, but FacebookConnect is not. More details about the APIs and the supported data formats are at the Buzz Google Code site.

Read Ryan Singel’s full coverage of the Buzz launch on Wired’s Epicenter blog.

And here’s a video: