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Report: Google Will Release VP8 Video Codec Under an Open Source License


We may finally have a solution to help open video out of the morass its currently stuck in. Recently, all eyes have been on Google to see if it would open up the VP8 video codec, which it very recently bought the rights to when it acquired software maker On2.

According to NewTeeVee, Google is stepping up to the plate.

Google will soon make its VP8 video codec open source, we’ve learned from multiple sources. The company is scheduled to officially announce the release at its Google I/O developers conference next month, a source with knowledge of the announcement said. And with that release, Mozilla — maker of the Firefox browser — and Google Chrome are expected to also announce support for HTML5 video playback using the new open codec.

If this actually happens, open video will get a huge boost on the web. It will take a few years for VP8 to gain dominance, given the huge penetration of Flash and H.264, but it’s a significant step forward. Since Google owns YouTube, a major game piece is already in play.

One big question remains — will VP8 videos play on the iPad and iPhone?

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