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Google Moderator API Lets Your Apps Ask Questions

moderatorandroidGoogle has announced a new API that lets third party code tap into the company’s Moderator service. Google Moderator is designed to help collect questions from users — questions for live speakers from meetings, conferences, Q&A sessions and the like.

The new Moderator API allows outside apps to access, update, and participate in Google Moderator through custom interfaces.

For the launch, Google showcased a gadget for Google Wave that will be available at the upcoming Google I/O conference, allowing attendees to ask questions. A Google engineer also developed a Moderator app for Android and there’s also a cool Maps mashup that plots questions for the White House on a Google Map.

The API offers hooks into standard Moderator events, allowing third party apps to create new Moderator topics, ask questions and cast votes on behalf of the currently authenticated user. Even better for conference organizers and speakers on stage, the API allows apps to aggregate votes, making it easier figure out which questions are most important to your audience.

If you’d like to know more, head over to Google Moderator’s new API page where you’ll find the full details on the new API along with some sample applications.

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