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Chrome Now Offers Click-to-Play Option for Flash, Other Plugins

We recently outlined a way to get rid of the Flash plug-in completely for a smoother, less battery-sucking web browsing experience.

But if that’s too radical of a step for you, Google’s Chrome browser has a new trick up its sleeve — a built in “click-to-Flash” feature.

As our friends at Lifehacker note, Chrome’s new content controls mean you can turn all your plug-ins — Java, Flash, QuickTime and anything else you might have installed — into an on-demand experience.

Even better, you can create a whitelist of sites where you’d like to allow auto-loading of plug-ins — for example, YouTube, Vimeo and other video sharing sites.

To get these features in Chrome, you’ll need to be running either the Dev or Canary channels. Provided you have one of the pre-release builds of Chrome, open up the Preferences panel and click the Under the Hood tab. Then click the “Content settings” button and chose the “plug-ins” option. From there you can control how plug-ins load and which, if any, sites to white or blacklist.

Of course, there were already some extensions for Chrome (and almost every other browser) that do the same thing. But now that those controls are baked in, you don’t need to track down an extension to control your plugins.

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