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Speed Up Your Mobile Site With the ‘Mobile Perf’ Bookmarklet

Speed is the most important element of your website. The best designed, most informative site in the world is useless if it doesn’t load fast enough for people to stick around. Nowhere is this more true than on mobile websites.

Testing mobile websites is something of a headache — there is no Firebug for mobile browsers, which means no YSlow or other profiling tools. True, you can load the site in desktop browser and profile it that way, but sometimes what works on the desktop isn’t necessarily working the same way in a mobile browser.

That’s why Google developer Steve Souders’ created the Mobile Perf bookmarklet, a handy javascript bookmarklet that you can use to test sites on your mobile devices. The bookmarklet is really just a set of links to other bookmarklets, but combining them all in one place makes life a bit easier.

The Mobile Perf bookmarklet contains links to Firebug Lite, the awesome DOM Monster, CSSess, Zoompf and Souders’ own SpriteMe and Page Resources. If you’ve been looking for an easy way to test website performance on the small screen, grab a copy of the Mobile Perf bookmarklet.

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