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Firefox 4 Beta 11 Offers ‘Do Not Track’ Privacy Setting

Firefox 4 goes to eleven. Mozilla has released an eleventh beta of Firefox 4, the next major version of the browser. Beta 11 includes the usual bug fixes and speed improvements, but it also has a new feature — the “Do Not Track” setting Mozilla is hoping will become a standard.

If you’re already using Firefox 4 you should be automatically updated. If you’d like to help Mozilla test Firefox 4, head over to the beta downloads page and grab a copy of beta 11.

The Do Not Track feature is a new HTTP header that will stop behavioral advertising tools from tracking where you go on the web. To turn on the new feature just check the box under the Advanced tab in Firefox 4′s preferences.

For now all you’ll be doing is broadcasting the new header information; it won’t actually have any effect. Because no online advertisers yet support the header, the new feature won’t protect your privacy. However, some of the biggest names on internet advertising already voluntarily offer a cookie-based opt-out system and it seems likely that, with Mozilla behind the new header, the same companies will support the new option eventually.

Mozilla is planning to release at least one more beta and then a round of release candidates before Firefox 4 is finalized later this year.

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