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Opera 11 Preview Shows Off WebP Image Format

Opera software has released a new developer build of its Opera Desktop web browser with support for Google’s WebP image format. The WebP format is part of Google’s self-imposed mission to make the web faster, and promises smaller images with no visible loss of quality. Currently Google Chrome is the only web browser that supports the WebP format.

The latest development build of Opera now supports WebP as well, though bear in mind that this is an unstable, not-for-everyday-use release. If that doesn’t scare you off you can download the latest version from Opera.

This release of Opera also includes support for linear CSS gradients (using the -o- prefix syntax) and Opera’s new Declarative UI for developers building tools on top of Opera’s extensions platform.

For web developers though, the big news is support for WebP, which should arrive in final form with the release of Opera 11.1 later this year.

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