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Google Page Speed Now Works in any Web Browser

Google’s Page Speed tool is a great way to find out how you can speed up your website, and now Google has released a version that works in any browser as an easy-to-use online service. The new Page Speed Online couldn’t be simpler — just enter a URL and Page Speed Online will evaluate and offer up suggestions on how you can speed up your website.

The online version of Page Speed adds a new trick to the mix, offering a separate analysis of your site’s mobile performance. Among the useful mobile suggestions are serving scaled images (rather than resizing with CSS or HTML) and minifying your HTML.

Page Speed is a handy tool for testing your sites, and now that it works in any web browser it’s even more useful, but it still can’t match some of the nicer features in Yahoo’s YSlow plugin for Chrome and Firefox. For example, where Google Page Speed suggests compressing images further, YSlow goes the extra mile to offer links to more compressed images, which you can quickly download and drop into your site.

Still, when it comes to testing your site’s performance, it isn’t a matter of using the best tool, it’s a matter of using all the tools. In that regard Page Speed Online is a welcome addition to the toolkit.

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