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Speed Up Your Website Using CDN JS

One of the great things about using a popular JavaScript library like JQuery or Dojo is that Google offers a content distribution network and loading architecture, which means the scripts load very quickly. But what about smaller JavaScript libraries?

That’s where CDN JS comes in. The newish site offers CDN hosting for less popular, but still useful JavaScript libraries. The site uses Amazon CloudFront, along with Amazon S3 for DNS, making it, in all likelihood, faster than serving the same scripts off your own server. You can check out the uptime stats for CDN JS on Pingdom.

CDN JS doesn’t have everything, but they do have one script many developers use all the time these days — Modernizr. If there’s a library you’d like to see hosted, be sure to let CDN JS know.

We’d like to see the site make it possible to combine scripts — say, load Modernizr and respond.js (not currently available at all) — into a single, minified script, but even as it stands, loading two scripts from a CDN is often faster than a single script from your own server.

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