New, Improved Firebug Works with Firefox 5+

Firebug, the popular web development add-on for Firefox has released version 1.8 with a host of new features and compatibility with Firefox 5.0. More important, for those of you using the Beta and Aurora Firefox channels, the Firebug 1.9 alpha line has been released with support for Firefox 6 through Firefox 8. The alpha release will obviously be less stable, but if you want Aurora and Firebug it’s your only option.

If you’ve already got Firebug installed it should auto update shortly. If you’d like to take the latest version for a spin, head over to the Get Firebug site.

Much of the work in Firebug 1.8 went into behind the scenes optimizations and speed improvements, but there are some notable new features as well, including a revamped HTML Preview in the Net panel, some new DOM Panel options and better CSS color tooltips with rgba, hsl and hsla values.

For more details on the major new features head over to the Mozilla Hacks blog. To see a complete list of everything that’s new in Firebug 1.8, check out the release notes.

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