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Delicious Bookmarking Relaunches Sans Yahoo

The new, more eye-catching

The newly revamped Delicious bookmarking service has relaunched. While the new Delicious is missing a few features, and has been demoted back to beta status, long time users will be happy to see that someone is finally giving the original king of online bookmarking a little love.

After Yahoo acquired Delicious back in 2005 the site languished. Updates were infrequent and fans watched as the web effectively passed Delicious by. Unable to decided what to do with Delicious, Yahoo eventually settled on sending it off to the “sunset.” Later Yahoo changed its mind and sold the site to AVOS, a new company from YouTube creators Chad Hurley and Steven Chen.

The new Delicious website is the first step in AVOS’s plan to return Delicious to its former glory and also make it appeal to a wider audience. For now that means that has seen a minor redesign with rounded corners and more images. The site looks a little less spartan, but most of the big changes are behind the scenes.

In a blog post on the AVOS website the Delicious team writes that the primary goal with the relaunch was to update the backed code:

the eight-year-old site needed to be rebuilt from the ground up. The result is a new homepage, interface and back-end architecture designed to make Delicious easier to use.

We’re proud of what we built, but the process has also brought the site “back to beta” as a work in progress.

For long time Delicious users the relaunch may be a little disappointing. There aren’t any new features to speak of, rather the terminology of Delicious has been updated to fit with the times. For example one of the main new features in the revamped Delicious is the “Stacks” feature, which allows you to create collections of links and share them with other users. That probably sounds familiar to existing Delicious users since it’s really just a rebranding of the old Delicious Bundles.

Similarly instead of adding users to your network you now “follow” them and there are no more Bookmarks, rather you’re saving links. And Delicious users can now add avatars to their profile.

While there’s nothing wrong with updating Delicious to use the parlance of the times, long time users have expressed some disappointment that the new version has broken some features of the old. For it’s part AVOS seems well aware of the problem, hence the “back to beta” message in the AVOS blog post, but of course that does little to appease users missing their pet features. Some the features you may miss include tag clouds, batch tag operations and of course Bundles, though Stacks are pretty close. On the plus side AVOS has retained the proper privacy settings for your bookmarks (er, links), the API and feeds still work and it’s now possible to use multi-word tags, something that wasn’t possible on the old Delicious.

In fact, while the new Delicious may be a slight regression in functionality, long time users should be relieved to know that, after years of being ignored by Yahoo, someone is finally willing to put some work into Delicious.

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