Google Taps Danger Mouse to Show Off the Power of WebGL

Google has launched a new web-based movie experiment designed to showcase the power of WebGL-based animation.

Chris Milk, the director behind last year’s experiment, The Wilderness Downtown, which featured music by Arcade Fire, is back with a new interactive film, this time in conjunction with Danger Mouse. The new 3 Dreams of Black film/experiment is based on a song from Danger Mouse’s new album Rome, written with Italian composer Daniele Luppi and featuring Jack White and Norah Jones.

Head on over to the Rome website to check it out. While WebGL works just fine in Firefox, Chrome and Opera, in our testing 3 Dreams of Black was smoothest in the latest stable version of Chrome.

Unlike The Wilderness Downtown, which took some input (the address of the house where you grew up) and then created a customized, but static, experience, 3 Dreams of Black is considerably more interactive. At various points in the new film you can pan the camera around the scene and Google has made it possible to upload your own 3D models into the movie.

As with the previous experiment, Google has made the code available for those that would like to see how it was made. 3 Dreams of Black is entirely open source, and the project is hosted on Google Code. The code is, in the words of the developers, “a bit of a mess,” but hey, at least it’s available.

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