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WordPress Presentations from WordCamPDX

Lorelle, the Fairy BlogmotherWordCamp wrapped up in Portland over the weekend and all signs point to it being a success. Apparently the #wordcampdx hash tag made the front page of Twitter, if that’s any indication. Perhaps a better measure is the huge list of presentation wrap-ups, including slides, notes, videos, and more.

Be sure to check out the 10+ proven plugins. Chris O’Rourke skims off the cream of the crop of WordPress plugins. You can even preview one of the recommended plugins right on the page. The slides are displayed with the Gallery Lightbox plugin.

Another one to check out is designing themes with free tools. You may have your development environment all figured out, but you might find something new in Eric Amundson’s talk.

Webmonkey was proud to be a sponsor and I enjoyed tracking its progress online. It looks like it was quite the event. Congrats to the organizers. Next year, we’ll have to go. Maybe you should, too.

[Photo by Rabbi David]

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