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Pipes Mashup Turns Google Maps into a Blogging Tool


You might think of Google Maps as, well, maps — a way to find business location and get directions. But that’s really just the tip of the iceberg, Google’s mapping interface supports all sorts of other goodness — like the ability to create your own maps and share them.

Thanks to a little help from Yahoo’s Pipes, you can even blog from Google Maps. Think of it as your own personal geo blogging tool.

Tony Hirst, who also created the amazing Google Calendar-on-a-map mashup we told you about last month, is back with a new Yahoo Pipe that makes it dead simple to blog from within Google Maps.

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Twitter 100: Follow Everyone You Know on One Page


Lately, we’ve seen a wave of webapps meant to extend or improve Twitter. The simplicity of the micro-blogging platform is what makes it appealing and useful in the first place, so we’re approaching many of these services with caution. Still, a couple of cool sites have emerged.

Yesterday, we saw a potential winner in Tweetmeme, a tracker for following what’s hot on Twitter. Well, here’s another killer mash-up for tweets: Twitter 100.

Just plug in your Twitter user name and you get an entire web page filled with the latest tweet from each of the people you’re following (up to 100), all of them laid out cleanly on a grid. Refreshes happen automatically and occur as often as you’d like. Try other user names at the end of the URL to see other Twitter users, complete with their friends.

It’s a nice change from the reverse-chronological listing that serves as Twitter’s default — especially since it shows only the latest tweet from each of your contacts. Such a filter is immensely useful if you happen to follow one of those people (coughScobleizer, ahem) who Twitters about every single thing that happens to him. Such people should be more careful, lest Epicenter editor Dylan Tweney slap them with his ban stick.

How To Make Your WordPress Blog More Secure

WordPress is widely hailed as the content platform of choice among the roll-your-own blog crowd. It’s free, it’s flexible and extensible, and it’s entirely open source. But just like most other open source software packages, it takes a little bit of knowledgeable back-end tweaking before your installation is truly secure and ready to face the millions of script kiddies on the web.

Google engineer and SEO guru Matt Cutts has posted a handful of tips for WordPress users to help make their blogs more secure. To wit:

  • Secure your /wp-admin/ directory so only specific IPs have access to it.
  • Make an empty wp-content/plugins/index.html file to hide which plug-ins you’re actually running.
  • Subscribe to the WordPress development blog and stay up to date with the latest patches.
  • Delete the version information from your theme’s header.php file.

There are dozens of other suggestions in the comments at Cutts’ site. Matt’s advice may seem trivial to the seasoned web programmer, but what’s obvious to some is often much-needed enlightenment to the masses. For more blogging 101, put Hardening WordPress at the WordPress codex on your reading list. There, you can learn about the most common vulnerabilities and how to side-step them.

Hat tip to Ryan "Don’t call it 27Bstroke6" Singel

Yahoo’s New Widget Puts Flickr Photos at Your Blogging Fingertips

WordpressYahoo has released a WordPress Plug-in that auto-suggests related content as you write an entry in the WordPress admin interface. With the plug-in installed, users will see potentially related content pop up from Yahoo Maps, Finance, Flickr and more.

The plug-in draws on the Yahoo Search Contextual Shortcuts Modules, a set of developer tools for pulling in Yahoo content.

Once installed the plug-in sits in the admin sidebar and when you type an entry it will alert you to any potential related content. For instance, type in a place name an you might get some hits on Flickr images or Yahoo maps. If you’re looking for additional content to include in your post, just click the module to open up the related content on a new page.

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To Russia With Love: Six Apart Casts Off LiveJournal

livejournal.jpgSix Apart, has sold the LiveJournal blogging platform to Russian media company, SUP. Although SUP is based in Russia, LiveJournal development will remain in San Francisco with the majority of the LiveJournal team at Six Apart staying on board.

This isn’t the first deal between Six Apart and SUP, the two companies had previously signed a licensing agreement to let SUP to manage LiveJournal in Russia – the largest LiveJournal community outside the U.S.

Six Apart, probably best known for Movable Type, Typepad and Vox, acquired LiveJournal almost three years ago, apparently intending to use it as a means to dive into the ad-supported publishing realm, but the idea proved very unpopular with LiveJournal users.

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