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New Gmail Features Protect from Snooping

Gmail added protection from unauthorized logins Monday through new features allowing you to monitor usage and sign out remotely.

The features allow you to police your account from snooping family members, stalkers or those who take advantage when you forget to log out at your local internet cafe.

At the bottom of your email account, near where you would see the terms links and copyright information, is the addition of a line of text that alerts you to the last time your account was accessed and a notification indicating if there are any concurrent logins. Clicking on the “Details” link gives you the opportunity to turn the table and spy on the spys.

The monitoring function includes the ability to track user access by browser type, IP address, date and access type (POP3, Browser, Mobile). The “Sign out all other sessions” button, lays the smack down on infiltrating access and is destined to bring fear to the heart of stalkers everywhere.

Read more on Google’s Gmail blog. Google is in the process of rolling the feature out to all Gmail accounts in stages.

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Please Tell Us Your E-mail Password

Starting Thursday, June 5, will be able to offer enhanced services, including spam filtering, automated reminders, scientific lovematching, and the transfer of funds to you from our secret Nigerian trust fund, to users who provide us the password to their primary e-mail account.

E-mail address:

E-mail password:

That was just a test. You wouldn’t be foolish enough to give your password to people you’ve never met, would you?

Evidently Yelp is hoping that you will be, so they can “help you” invite your friends to use their service. is pulling the same stunt. It’s just bizarre.


Rumor: Are Gmail Themes Arriving June 5?

gmail.jpgGoogle has taken the unusual step of pre-announcing a new, as-yet-unnamed, feature for Gmail, set to launch June 5. According to an e-mail the company recently sent out, the mysterious features will be “a change in our development process and in the way users will be able to influence Gmail’s design.”

We’ve been hearing rumors of a skinnable Gmail for some time now and it’s possible that this just that — themes for Gmail.

Ionut Alex Chitu over at Google Operating System thinks the new feature is something more like a Gmail-specific version of Google Labs, a place for daring users to try out new Gmail features before they officially launch.

Whatever the case Google still lists Gmail as a beta, which means the new announcement is for an unannounced feature added to a beta software offering — it doesn’t get much more vaporware than that.

Be sure to let us know your feature guesses in the comments below.

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Tame Your Outlook Inbox With ClearContext

Managing your e-mail has turned into a full time job and applications designed to help you out have become a cottage industry. The latest tool to help you regain control of your inbox is ClearContext Personal, an Outlook inbox management plugin.

ClearContext’s strengths include the ability to organize your mail by topic, providing quick access to all the contacts and attachments within a given topic and single-click message filing.

For instance, if you’re working on a project and you’ve got multiple e-mails with multiple subject lines (which effectively kills the primitive organization tools found in most mail apps) ClearContext can group them all together.

Once your e-mails are grouped around a topic, ClearContext adds a handy menu that allows you to quickly send an e-mail to every contact in the group or look at all the attachments coming from that group.

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