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Firebug Gets Dedicated Team

Firebug bug logoFrequent readers know how much we Webmonkeys love Firebug, the Firefox extension that makes web development a little easier. Today we learned that Mozilla created a Firebug team to improve the extension. That’s good news for Firebug and all of us that depend on it.

Jan Odvarko is a long-time Firebug contributor. He wrote the Firebug extension tutorial and has been a member of the Firebug Working Group, which has representatives from Yahoo and Google, among others.

John Resig is the creator of jQuery and a self-described JavaScript ninja. He has been an evangelist for Mozilla and will now be spending half of his time working on Firebug innovations. Here is John’s announcement post.

Multi-talented programmer Rob Campbell rounds out the new Firebug team. Rob worked on unit testing with the release engineering team for Firefox 3. He’ll now be working on Firebug full-time. Rob also announced this change on his blog, where he declared himself a Firebuggist.

Considering the talent on the Firebug team, we’re expecting big things and looking forward to what these guys come up with.

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How to Create a Firebug Extension

Hello World Firebug extension

Are you as obsessed with Firebug as we are? The Firefox extension helps developers and designers sort out errors in JavaScript and CSS.

You can add features to Firebug by creating a special kind of Firefox extension. Around Webmonkey we’re calling them meta-extensions and we wrote about adding YSlow to Firebug recently.

Firebug contributor Jan Odvarko has written a tutorial to give you a jump start extending Firebug. Like Firefox extensions, Firebug extensions are written in XUL (an XML user interface markup language) and JavaScript. Once you’ve mastered Jan’s hello world example, you’ll want to check out all of his Firebug tutorials.

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Latest Firebug Beta Works in Firefox 3

Firebug bug logo

Developers staying with Firefox 2 for its Firebug support should check out the popular extension’s latest beta.

Early versions of Firefox 3 did not play well with Firebug, which reaches deep into the browser’s internals. Many developers chose to stick with the older version of Firefox, despite the new features available in Firefox 3.

Firebug 1.2 Beta has been available for a few weeks and is receiving a much better response. Developers have noted a few issues (it’s beta, after all), but very little crashing and burning, as seen prior to the official release of Firefox 3.

Firebug is a web development tool for tweaking CSS, debugging JavaScript and more. It is like juiced-up “view source” for seeing how others put a site together. Firebug really shines when used to streamline your own development.

Give this Beta a shot and let us know how it works for you.

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Firebug Command-Line API: Not Just Your Weekend Debugger

You may know that Firebug has one of the best interfaces for debugging . What you may not know is it also features a command line and API for heavy-duty debugging.

Firebug is a Firefox extension used by web developers for debugging HTML, CSS, JavaScript and the browser’s DOM.

The command line allows you to enter and execute JavaScript commands straight from the Firebug sidebar. The functions available in the API allows you to maneuver, monitor and investigate web page code in more detail.

Sample API commands include:

  • Generate lists of elements or properties from specified objects
  • Pull XML sources for inspection
  • Execute and monitor a singular JavaScript function

The command line tool is available by hitting Ctrl-Shift-L (or Command-Shift-L on Mac OS). Firebug’s sidebar window opens up with a view of the console window. The console window displays feedback from the commands you enter using the command line at the bottom of the screen.