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Get $10K For Your iPhone Game

ng:moco:)A new iPhone game development company wants to give you $10,000 to write an app. Ng:moco plans to use $100,000 of their funding from Kleiner-Perkins to itself fund 10 game developers:

We’re looking for 10 apps that will be distributed for free, to showcase the iPhone – successful applicants will receive a $10,000 award!

The best part for developers is that, according to CEO Neil Young (not the singer with the “Heart of Gold”), ng:moco is not looking to own the intellectual property. The company just wants to see some good games made. What do they say about rising tides?

The Kleiner-Perkins investment is part of the iFund, $100 million set aside for iPhone development. The ng:moco announced their lab’s micro-funding at early August’s iPhoneDevCamp, where Young gave an inspirational talk (embedded below) comparing early personal computing to the iPhone.

Young previously worked at Electronic Arts, where he oversaw the hugely successful Sims 2 and upcoming Spore games. The EA approach of developing some games in-house while being the publisher for others will likely be duplicated at ng:moco.

Neil Young > iPhone is greater than… from Dominic Sagolla on Vimeo.

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New Hack Could Enable Linux on the Wii

Wii fans hang on to your hats, as the video above explains, hackers have found a way around the Wii’s encryption keys which opens the widely popular console up to home brewed games, open source ports and potentially even a full version of Linux running on your Wii.

The video comes from the 24th Chaos Communication Congress and demonstrates a Wii console running arbitrary code. As Tysoe_J explains in the WiiLi forums, “Nintendo wouldn’t be able to patch this with a firmware update,” since doing so would also break the backwards compatibility with with Game Cube games.

So what do you think, those of you who’ve managed to actually get your hands one, would you want to see Linux running on your Wii?

[via Hackszine]

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Easter Egg: The Google Earth Flight Simulator


It would seem that the latest version of Google Earth, which, as we mentioned, includes the new Google Sky features, also includes a huge Easter Egg — a flight simulator.

To activate the simulator you’ll need the latest version of Google Earth. Open the app (be sure to check out Google Sky if you haven’t), click somewhere in the main map window and press Crtl+Alt+A (Mac users Apple+Option+A) and you should see the dialogue window pictured below.

To use the Flight simulator just choose an aircraft and select an airport from the drop down list. A new window will open and you’ll have a through-the-windshield view from your chosen aircraft.

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Solitaire Through the Ages

OK, I’ll admit it.

When I first booted up a Vista machine to test it out, I was supposed to be playing with the print driver and the wireless networking features. And of course, within five minutes I was tearing through my third game of Solitaire. I just couldn’t help myself! Why is this game so super-addictive? I think it’s because it’s all the fun of playing cards without the hassle of actually shuffling and dealing. Either way, Klondike Solitaire is dear to our hearts (and presumably yours… and not to mention Hearts!) so we’ve assembled this gallery of Solitaire’s many faces through the ages. Enjoy.

Windows 3.0, click for larger

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Likebetter Knows About You

Likebetter is a fun way to kill some downtime at the office. The new game is the brainchild of Pairwise, the same company behind the very similar MoreHotter.

The concept is pretty simple, given two photographs, which do you like better? The site then attempts to calculate what your choices say about you. Whenever the site thinks it knows something about you the brain turns pink and clicking it will reveal Likebetter’s observations.

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