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Google Code Finally Adds Git Support

It’s been a long time coming, but Google Code has finally added support for the wildly popular Git version control system. Git is a distributed version control system used by many popular projects including the Linux kernel, Ruby on Rails and Android.

Google Code, which offers free public hosting for collaborative software projects, started life as an SVN-based host and later added support for Mercurial. Google Code’s lack of Git support helped drive the meteoric rise of GitHub, one of the most popular places to host Git-based projects on the web today.

Now Google Code can compete with GitHub. But, thanks to GitHub’s slick interface and well-thought out features, Google Code seems unlikely to lure many away from their existing GitHub hosting. Still, if you’re a Google Code fan, but want to use Git, well, now you can.

To get started with the new Git features, head over to Google Code and create a new project. Under the Administration >> Source tab, you’ll see a new option to use Git as your version control system. One thing you won’t find with the new Git support on Google code is a way to migrate existing SVN projects over to Git. There are of course some very handy tools like git-svn, which makes transitioning from SVN to Git relatively easy. Once you’ve converted your project with git-svn, you can upload it back to Google Code using the new Git tools.

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