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Webmonkey Hats and Stickers in the House

We received our shipment of hats and stickers here at Webmonkey HQ. They look super-sharp if you ask us. We’ve gotten a lot of comments about the monkey’s “haircut” in the comments and posts surrounding the relaunch, and it tickles us that the feedback has been so positive. Really, all we did was take him to the groomer and give some New Media glasses. (Actually, the monkey was given a makeover by our good buddy Tim — thanks, Tim!)

Here are the stickers:


And the hats:


A close up of the embroidery:


A bit more subtle than the old Webmonkey beanies from the 1990s, but just as warm. We also have baseball hats with the new monkey logo and, soon, T-shirts. We’ll be handing out some of this swag at the Webmonkey launch party, which will happen some time next week in San Francisco. Watch for the announcement on Upcoming. Also, we’ll be doing some sticker drops at coffee shops around San Francisco in the next week or so — follow Webmonkey on Twitter to find out where and when.