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100 Open Source Presentations From OSCon

OSCon Open Source ConventionNow you can attend OSCon for free. Well, sort of. Book publisher and conference organizer O’Reilly has shared over 100 presentations from the July conference. Some speakers did not share their presentations (at an open source conference? really?), but it appears most did.

Some development topics to check out:

  • Developers vs. Designers (PDF) has great history, even if you don’t think Java is the answer.
  • Even Faster Web Sites (PPT) gives some great tips to improve the performance of your site.
  • Hack this app (PDF) is technical, but a mandatory reading for PHP developers.
  • How to be Normal is a tough thing for a geek to achieve. Luckily, Mike Hillyer was talking about databases.

You down with ODP?

Most of the presentations are downloadable in some sort of slide format (as opposed to a web page). As I glanced through, I was surprised to see more Powerpoint (PPT) than the open document presentation (ODP) format. Strange, for an OS conference.

My tally shows that 19 supplied the Microsoft format, while 12 were ODP. I’m sure it’s a coincidence that Microsoft sponsored the presentation files page. Of course, PPT and ODP were both blown out of the water by another open format, PDF. About 70% of the downloadable presentations used Adobe’s format.

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