Purple Color Codes

Purple Color Codes : Popular Purple Hex Colors Including Sports Teams & Brands

Purple, the color of royalty.

Incorporating purple into your website’s color scheme can give visitors a sense of calm and trust in your content. Pair that with great design and great content and you’re well equipped to make money and gain loyalty.

Whether you’re looking to find the perfect purple to match the purpose of your site or are trying to find a specific color identical to that of your favorite sports team or brand we’ve collected purple color names and hex codes to make life a little easier for you.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for check out our page on how to identify web colors using browser extensions and inspect element!

Purple Color Codes

Purple#800080rgb(128, 0, 128)

Lavender#E6E6FArgb(230, 230, 250)

Thistle#D8BFD8rgb(216, 191, 216)

Plum#DDA0DDrgb(221, 160, 221)

Violet#EE82EErgb(238, 130, 238)

Orchid#DA70D6rgb(218, 112, 214)

Fuchsia#FF00FFrgb(255, 0, 255)

Magenta#FF00FFrgb(255, 0, 255)

MediumOrchid#BA55D3rgb(186, 85, 211)

MediumPurple#9370DBrgb(147, 112, 219)

RebeccaPurple#663399rgb(102, 51, 153)

BlueViolet#8A2BE2rgb(138, 43, 226)

DarkViolet#9400D3rgb(148, 0, 211)

DarkOrchid#9932CCrgb(153, 50, 204)

DarkMagenta#8B008Brgb(139, 0, 139)

Indigo#4B0082rgb(75, 0, 130)

SlateBlue#6A5ACDrgb(106, 90, 205)

DarkSlateBlue#483D8Brgb(72, 61, 139)

MediumSlateBlue#7B68EErgb(123, 104, 238)

Popular Purple Color Codes

Galaxy Purple
Royal Purple
Midnight Purple
Neon Purple
Paste Purple
Deep Purple
Dark Purple
Light Purple
Halloween Purple
Tyrian Purple
Bright Purple
Blue Purple
Soft Purple
Amethyst Purple

Sports Teams with Purple Colors

East Carolina University Purple
TCU Purple
Ravens Purple
LSU Purple
Northwestern Purple
NYU Purple
Lakers Purple

Brands with Purple Colors

Twitch Purple
Relay For Life Purple
FedEx Purple
Doterra Purple

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