Best Website Builder for Construction Companies

7 Best Website Builders for Construction Companies, Contractors, and Home Builders

Even construction and home building companies need a good website. Lucky for you, you don’t need to take up web design or pay exorbitant rates to a designer. With the web-building platforms available, you can have your site going live a few hours after reading this article.

To help you make the best decision, we reviewed over 70 web-builders and picked 7 of the best for construction companies and home builders. To cut a long story short, Wix was the overall best website building platform.

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What is the best website builder for construction companies?

Here is a quick summary of each platform’s greatest strength:

  • Wix — Best for Construction Companies and Home Builders
  • Weebly — Best for the Construction and Building Startup on a Budget
  • Squarespace — Best for Companies With Some Technical Knowledge
  • WordPress — Best Builder for Construction Blogs
  • GoDaddy — Best Website Builder for Speed
  • Duda — Best for Construction Template Designs
  • Strikingly — Best Customer Support and After Sales Services

Weebly offered the best value for money, and Squarespace had the most innovative template designs. Here’s how each platform performed across different metrics:


Best for Construction Companies and Home Builders

Wix is a very powerful platform. It allows construction companies and home builders, without prior design experience, to build high-quality websites with minimal effort. With their drag-and-drop feature, there’s virtually no learning curve. You could have a high-quality website hours after creating an account.


  • Very easy to use, especially for those without a coding background. Don’t let the ease-of-use fool you; Wix builds powerful sites with commendable quality control.
  • Wix has a robust App market where you can get hundreds of applications to streamline your site’s operation. You’ll also find a few third-party construction-related apps to customize your website further.


  • You can’t use content in one template to modify another.
  • You can’t transfer your site. Consequently, if you ever grow past Wix’s capability, you’ll have to cough up some serious cash to recreate your site outside the platform.

Ease of Use: 4.5/5

Wix is very easy to use. The design process is straightforward and doesn’t require any technical background whatsoever. With their smart assistant, ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence), all you have to do is answer a few questions, and the program generates a uniques website for your brand.

Flexibility of Design: 3.9/5

Wix has over 500 templates you can customize. These are professionally designed templates that you can modify with videos, payment tracking systems, unique surveys, and the like. Coding isn’t required for modification.

For those who want to incorporate custom code into their websites, Wix Corvid will come in handy. It allows for the inclusion of new code into Wix-generated pages.

Website Building Features: 4.7/5

Wix offers four main features for extensive template modification:

  • SEO Wiz: This App gives unique SEO strategies based on your location, target keywords, and other data.
  • Wix Video: For easy integration of custom videos with your site.
  • Ascend: This is a marketing package that helps you interact with your customers by creating custom messages for your clients.
  • App Market: The App market has over 200 applications. Use construction-relevant Apps for enhanced user experience.

Customer Support: 4.7/5

The Wix customer support is available by phone from Monday-Thursday, 5 AM-5 PM (EST). Of note is the abundance of help buttons on the site. In every stage of the design process, there’s a button linking you to the relevant guides. You’ll rarely need to call support.

Value for Money: 4.5/5

Wix has four plans for e-commerce websites, and four plans for all other sites.

E-commerce Plans
  • Enterprise: $500/month
  • Business VIP: $49/month
  • Business Unlimited: $27/month
  • Business Basic: $23/month
Other Websites
  • VIP: $39/month
  • Pro: $22/month
  • Unlimited: $17/month
  • Combo: $13/month

The availability of such an extensive package program gives you increased choice and flexibility.


Best for the Construction and Building Startup on a Budget

Weebly is a powerful website builder available at very pocket-friendly prices. It’s an intuitive platform with a very straightforward design process. In terms of ease-of-use, it’s not in the sphere of Wix, but it’s much cheaper than all the other featured platforms. With the most basic plan, you’ll pay just $6 per month.


  • Amazing value for money. Unmatched if we consider the number of features available per dollar.
  • The Weebly mobile App allows you to edit your site from your phone. This application is available on both Android and iOS platforms.


  • The degree of customer support you receive is dependent on the plan you’re on. In short, you pay for more assistance.
  • The inbuilt photo-editor isn’t very powerful.

Ease of Use: 3.2/5

Weebly’s drag-and-drop capabilities are similar to Wix. You get to make edits in real-time without switching between different modes. That said, this is not the easiest platform for noobs. They have very little visual cues, leaving you to your wits for the best part.

Flexibility of Design:

Weebly has over 40 templates that you can edit. They are well-designed but not as appealing as Wix templates for the most part. For enhanced customization, you can modify the codes via the Code Editor.

Website Building Features: 4.3/5

Weebly has three main website building features:

  • App Center: Weebly has a huge App center with over 300 industry-unique applications.
  • SEO: The platform features several SEO Apps to help your site rank.
  • Membership Options: This feature allows you to limit the access of some pages to specific individuals. You can create a club or tier system for your clients with ease.

Customer Support: 4.0/5

Weebly has a robust community forum to answer the most pressing issues. For direct contact with the relevant authorities, you can call on any day 6 AM-6 PM PST.

Support tickets are addressed 24/7, and live chat is available Monday-Friday, 6 AM-6 PM PST. On weekends, live chat is only open 8 AM-5 PM PST.

Value for Money: 4.8/5

Even with the most basic plan, Personal Plan, you get a load of features, including 500MB of storage. The three premium packages are:

  • Personal: $6/month
  • Professional: $12/month
  • Performance: $26/month


Best for Companies With Some Technical Knowledge

If you already have tech-savvy personnel, Squarespace is the way to go. It’s not as straightforward as Wix, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. This platform offers very advanced design tools. You have an increased capability to customize your website, although that comes with a steeper learning curve.


  • Squarespace had one of the most intuitive approaches to social media integration we tested. If you’re keen on developing a presence, Squarespace should work just fine.
  • Powerful SEO features.


  • Customer support was quite impressive. The live chat personnel went as far as taking screenshots to help explain some of the more technical concepts.
  • Their templates didn’t perform very well on our speed tests. You may have to modify your templates a lot for better speeds.

Ease of Use: 3.9/5

This is not the easiest tool to use, especially if you have no technical background. For the person with a little technological know-how, the trade-off should prove worthwhile. It may take longer to design your site, but you get more freedom for customization.

Flexibility of Design: 3.6/5

The templates are high-quality and eye-catching. They are designed to be mobile-friendly, so you don’t have to do much optimization. In their original states, we found the templates to be a little slow for comfort, but a little tweaking should remedy the situation.

Website Building Features: 4.3/5

Unlike the first two entries, Squarespace doesn’t host an App store. You will have to settle for the features the platform has to offer. That said, the platform offers four handy customization features:

  • Domain Migration: Squarespace easily integrates with your existing domains. You are also allowed to buy domain names on the platform.
  • Social Media Interaction: We enjoyed seamless integration with popular social media platforms. For the better part, we could load content from our accounts and onto our sites without trouble.
  • Blog Capability: Squarespace proved very effective at running blogs. It’s not at WordPress’s level when it comes to blogging, but it performed significantly better than Weebly.
  • SEO Minded: This platform makes it easy to tweak your Meta descriptions, add tags to images, and optimize your site for Search Engines. This is pretty beneficial to construction companies that are looking to generate organic traffic.

Customer Support: 3.9/5

Squarespace has a live chat 24/7 on the weekdays. email and Twitter support are active at any time of day, 7 days a week. You can also connect with a very interactive community forum.

Value for Money: 3.5/5

This platform offers 14-day trials to new users, but not free accounts. The premium packages are:

  • Personal: $12/month
  • Business: $18/month
  • Basic Commerce: $26/month
  • Advanced Commerce: $40/month


Best Builder for Construction Blogs

Blogs are very popular marketing tools in the digital market. WordPress is designed with the blog in mind. It may not be the best for other types of websites, but WordPress is the way to go if you are heavily reliant on blogs.


  • Very pocket-friendly with some packages going for as low as $5/month.
  • It’s easily the most powerful builder for blogs in the market today.


  • It’s not as efficient for building non-blog websites. If blogging is only part of your greater interests, go for Wix. It has decent blog-building capabilities, and it’s also suitable for other types of websites.
  • For the best experience, you have to do some coding. More often than not, you’ll require the input of a WordPress specialist.

Ease of Use: 3.0/5

This is one of the trickiest builders to use unless you’re willing to settle for generic templates. Extensive customization is only possible through coding, but it’s not that hard to find WordPress coders.

If you are looking to create a non-blog website, this platform will prove double the trouble. It’s doable, but only after much effort.

Flexibility of Design: 2.6/5

Most of the templates are designed with bloggers in mind. If you’re looking to launch a blog, you’ll find everything to your liking. If not, you’re better off going with Wix.

Website Building Features:

WordPress has two very powerful design features:

  • Social Media Integration: Your blog needs to link visitors to your social media profiles. With this in mind, WordPress shares your blogs to your social media automatically. With a few widgets, you can direct all visitors to your platforms, increasing your following.
  • SEO Optimization: WordPress templates are designed to rank with minimal effort from you. If you want to optimize your pages further, you’ll have to upgrade from the free and cheapest plans.

Customer Support: 3.0/5

There are no dedicated support systems. If you want any questions answered, you’ll have to search their knowledge base. To their credit, the base is pretty extensive and explicit in the directions presented. If you can’t find an answer, you may have to hire WordPress savvy help.

Value for Money: 4.5/5

It may not be the most feature-rich platform, but it’s one of the cheapest we tested. It offers four affordable packages:

  • Free
  • Personal: $4/month
  • Premium: $8/month
  • Business: $25/month


Best Website Builder for Speed

With GoDaddy’s ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence), you can have your site up and running in minutes. The design process is hugely automated at the expense of creative flexibility. Its templates have a professional feel to them, but they are not as sleek as Squarespace and Wix templates.


  • Very quick to design and launch a site.
  • Very advanced e-commerce capabilities; it can accommodate upwards of 5,000 products. Excellent if you also plan to sell goods along with your construction services.


  • It is very limiting on creative input. It even has restraints on colors, fonts, and template layouts.
  • It’s not very powerful. If you have a rapidly growing business, you’ll outgrow them too soon.

Ease of Use: 3.6/5

GoDaddy has an intuitive drag-and-drop feature, if you don’t like their ADI. Drag-and-drop is as quick as Wix in some cases, but it doesn’t offer much in terms of design flexibility.

Flexibility of Design: 3.5/5

GoDaddy does not rank very high on flexibility. You will get over 100 themes, though. Before launching your site, you can preview the template in over 20 different styles. Even Wix doesn’t have such a feature.

It’s an excellent builder if you want your website to go live in the shortest time possible.

Website Building Features: 2.5/5

This platform is considered by many to be a quick fix builder. It offers three main building features:

  • Social Media Integration: There’s not much you get from GoDaddy in terms of social media integration. At best, all you can do is have icons linking to your profiles, but no automated linking like you find in WordPress.
  • GoDaddy SEO: This feature automatically optimizes your site. It’s not available to subscribers on the cheapest plan, though.
  • Google Analytics: This platform integrates with Google Analytics. Most of the other web builders rely on proprietary tools, which don’t match Google Analytics.

Customer Support: 3.2/5

Their customer support doesn’t match Wix and Weebly, but it’s much better than WordPress. Live chat is available Monday-Friday, 5 AM-6 PM PST.

The platform also has an excellent knowledge base and an interactive help forum. Phone support is active 24/7.

Value for Money: 3.0/5

It has a 30-day free trial and four price plans:

  • Basic: $10/month
  • Standard: $15/month
  • Premium: $20/month
  • E-commerce: $25/month


Best for Construction Template Designs

Duda markets itself as a builder for web designers, so you can’t expect it to be as intuitive as Wix and Weebly. It’s not as complicated as WordPress, though. What you’ll find most impressive are its customizable templates for construction websites.


  • Well-designed templates: Customization is pretty easy unless you want above-average creative freedom. In such a case, you’ll need some web-design background.
  • You can personalize the user experience by tweaking how different visitors see your site.


  • Not very easy to use, especially if you want a lot of creative freedom.
  • SEO support for websites could be better.

Ease of Use: 4.0/5

Duda’s themes are not as flexible as Wix’s themes. This is because the templates are highly structured and can only be dragged onto specific page locations. That said, it is slightly easier to customize than Squarespace — if your site is minimalistic.

Flexibility of Design: 4.5/5

Personalized user journeys were a reserve of coders until Duda launched its personalized user options. The best thing about it is that its available on the cheapest plan.

Website Building Features: 3.0/5

Duda doesn’t have a lot of building features. The SEO prompts that you receive in Wix, Weebly, and GoDaddy are not available in Duda. It has no App store or marketing features. It’s only suitable for construction companies that need well-designed sites without undue regard for integrated SEO and marketing features.

Customer Support: 3.5/5

You get support access according to the price plan you purchase:

  • Basic plan gets email support
  • Team plan get email, live chat, and phone support
  • Agency plans get prioritized email access, live chat, and phone support.

Value for Money: 2.2/5

Duda is one of the more expensive builders we tested. They don’t have a free plan, but new accounts get a 14-day trial. It has three paid plans:

  • Basic: $14/month
  • Team: $22/month
  • Agency: $74/month


Best Customer Support and After Sales Services

Strikingly was hands-down, the best interaction we had with customer support. If you’re new to running a website, go for this platform.


  • Amazing value for money. Only second to Weebly in this regard.
  • Very proactive customer support.


  • It only accommodates one-page sites.
  • It is not scalable, go for Wix if you are a fast-growing brand.

Ease of Use: 3.7/5

Much like Duda, the platform is easy to use, but at the expense of creative flexibility. It’s a good option if you’re after a quick one-page site. For more creative freedom, go for Weebly or Wix.

Flexibility of Design: 3.0/5

With a one page site, you have to limit the information you avail to the visitor. Otherwise, you risk having a very long page that will discourage user interaction.

Website Building Features:

On the pro plans, users can add a live chat function via FaceBook’s Messenger App. You also have the option to work with MailChimp, a marketing App, from your site. With the free plan, the best you can do in social media interaction is to add links to your profiles.

Strikingly is very poor in terms of SEO support. If you are a growing start-up, it won’t do. You’re better of going for Squarespace, Weebly, and Wix.

Customer Support: 4.9/5

For all their shortcomings, where features are concerned, they have excellent customer support. Apart from a vast volume of helpful tutorials, there’s always a chatbox encouraging you to cat with support.

These Happiness Officers, what they call their support team, are available 24/7.

Value for Money: 3.0/5

Strikingly has three affordable plans:

  • Limited: $8/month
  • Pro: $16/month
  • VIP: $49/month

In a Nutshell

Before settling for a website builder, consider your unique needs and situation. Some builders are very technical and will need some coding: Other platforms do all the work for you after having you answer a few questions.

Go for builders that best suit you. If you are a rapidly growing business, go for the more scalable platforms: Weebly, Squarespace, and Wix. You’ll pay more, but you’ll get all the features you need.

I would suggest that you take up platforms on their free-trial offers to see how well they address your needs. This way, you’re sure of what you’re getting before you pay.

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