Best WordPress Theme for Video 2023 : Top Options for Vloggers and Filmmakers

If you’re putting your heart into creating excellent video content, don’t do the unthinkable and skimp on presentation quality. The best way to showcase your videos for business or entertainment is to use a web format that highlights the content and makes it easy for viewers to watch. 

While designing a website from scratch is a headache, it’s remarkably easy to set up a WordPress theme, specifically designed to showcase videos. You will immediately notice how a quality WordPress theme draws attention to the content while optimizing SEO and various technical issues. 

In this guide, we will list seven of the best WordPress themes designed with videos in mind. Take a look at each one and then download the one you think fits best with your product. 

What is the Best WordPress Theme for Video?

  1. Vlog – Best video theme for numerous design options
  2. Videoly – Best beginner’s video theme
  3. Astra – Best free video theme
  4. Vidiho – Best social sharing theme with video
  5. Divi – Most popular theme
  6. Relive – Best efficient magazine style theme
  7. Superflick – Best video theme for filmmakers

1. Vlog – Best Video WordPress Theme for Design Variety

Vlog has an easy name to remember, and its simplicity at handling various complex tasks is why we ranked the theme so high. Vlog has a sophisticated theme with a clean interface, and yet one made for users that want to share many videos quickly. 

Vlog can be used for many scenarios, such as vlogging, creating a news magazine, or even sharing popular videos from other sites with your audience. The theme automatically supports and correctly displays videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and other popular sites. 

You get a custom video importer plugin to help with easy formatting that will quickly standardize and display in most popular browsers. You can also group videos and articles into playlists of your choosing. Whether you want to publish a tutorial or even a series of videos, it’s easy to keep things organized. 

You can attract attention quickly using a full-width video slider and section for “Featured” playlists inside an easy to view grid. You can also post the latest videos for returning viewers. 

First, you select one of the theme’s demos with various styles for vloggers. Find the one that best suits your business and personality and then start publishing videos onsite or linking them to your video sharing account offsite. 

The number of templates ensures you get the ideal layout for your site. You also get auto-detecting software to create thumbnails for previewing content. 

There are also options for monetizing your site, saving videos for playback later on, and displaying videos in a full-screen mode.  

Besides all the handy features, the theme also remains flexible and fast-loading for optimal viewing. If you’re picky about visuals, Vlog can help you find the right look.


  • Displays video links, like YouTube or Vimeo, just like your own video file
  • Over 200 post layout options
  • Optimized for fast loading
  • Ready for monetization
  • Display categories, widgets, and more


  • Occasionally gets minor complaints of bugs and glitches


  • $69

2. Videoly – Best Video Theme for Beginners

Videoly is not only versatile but has a beautiful and yet complex display page. The design works well for video loggers, YouTube hosts, and other content producers that need control over layouts. The theme comes with nine demos to choose from and a Visual Composer page builder, so you can customize your page to reach a specific audience. 

Display your best videos using various thumbnails, which can also play immediately or take the user to a specific page or video link – whatever you choose! This theme’s key feature is how much flexibility you get over the home page, not only with templates but also with other adjustable features. 

The drag-and-drop design keeps things very simple, so there’s no need to study anything too confusing. You also get customizing controls and settings over the homepage and how single posts are displayed. 

You can choose one of six different hero sliders or nine templates that organize a number of videos in a logical and scannable way. The theme also handles new Google Fonts, offers unlimited colors for presentation, and is responsive and optimized for SEO and fast loading time. 

The ability to change visual presentation without knowing any code makes Videoly a beginner’s choice. 


  • Choose between six hero slider types
  • View in any retina display for better image quality
  • A lifetime of free updates
  • Multiple header layouts for a unique look
  • Quick customer service, responds in 24 hours


  • Not everyone admires Visual Composer, the included editor 


  • $59

3. Astra – Best Free Video Theme

Astra may not be the best overall theme for the video, but it’s almost the best to download for a free video theme. Astra is a fast-loading and very lightweight theme that makes it easy for new web entrepreneurs to launch their site, with easy-to-learn video support. 

The theme has starter templates and allows video flexibility without coding. The theme was designed for page builders, who wanted control over the title, sidebar, and page’s full width. 

Astra is faster than most other video themes because of its lightweight design. Yet, its simplicity doesn’t compromise on customizing the home page or other visual aspects of the theme. You can adjust the header, blog, archives, and the way single posts are displayed. You can also modify the footer and customize the sidebar to your liking. 

The theme has many different header layouts, while also offering color and typography control that matches your video content. You can design blog posts layouts and archive pages and the width and metadata of all posts. Astra is complex in the sense that it gives you a great deal of control but still manages to meet common Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

The visuals are clean and yet made for page builders that you can integrate with the theme, even programs like Beaver Builder, Visual Composer, and Site Origin. 

Astra is not the newest or most dynamic theme out there, but if you don’t have much to spend, it’s a fine one to start exploring. Best of all, it’s not just a demo, but a free theme to download and install. There is also a paid version of Astra, though the free version works fine and has a generous support community online.


  • The free version is not limited, but completely free and loaded with features
  • Create full-width pages or custom layouts
  • Lightweight programming, meaning faster loading time
  • Full integration with site editors and other tools
  • Follows the best SEO practices


  • Lacking some in-depth customization, probably on account of it being free


  • Free option
  • $47, Pro
  • $169, Agency
  • $249, Agency Bundle

4. Vidiho – Best Video Theme for Sharing Social Content

Part of video hosting is making a share-friendly site so that your audience wants to share links. That’s why the makers of Vidiho focused on creating an attractive homepage with social media integration and a host of other features. The presentation starts with a large image slider for a homepage, and it displays high-resolution videos. 

In addition to built-in social media links, you can also use shortcodes, page layouts, widgets, and lightbox popups for a dramatic coupon offer or reminder. 

Whether you want to direct attention to YouTube or Vimeo (or even your site), you can embed videos by pasting the link into the Vidiho theme. 

You can also adjust column setups and start editing headers, footers, and the look of single posts. The theme also integrates with page builder programs like Elementor. That way, you can further customize the visual aspects of the theme. 

With the many share-friendly options like split menus, adjustable headers, widgets, floating video, and a video slider, this theme is both minimalist and yet dramatic in reaching first-time viewers. Adjust the headers and footers to make room for more widgets. 

You will also enjoy modern options like loading effects, column selections, grid gutter adjustments, flip orientations, other page elements. The theme is compatible with other plugins and is still updated by the producers. The staff offers quick customer service for technical issues, though there is also an online tutorial. 

The demo import option is very useful to new users. Now you can replicate the existing and highly professional site with your video content and specifications. Replace the company’s content with your own and spare yourself of reading hours of technical jargon. 


  • Manage all video content, onsite and off, from WordPress
  • Integrate all your video with social media pages
  • Elementor and Elementor Pro integration for detailed site creation
  • Flexible headers and footers for a creative presentation
  • One-click demo importing for beginners


  • Although the site does load fast, does not come loaded with fancy visual animations or effects


  • $34.30 for just the theme
  • $174.30 for a lifetime-buy of all options and updates

5. Divi – Most Popular Video Theme

Divi was built to handle single home pages or multi-pages, but always with a drag and drop design for new users. The theme also includes features that quickly grab attention, like parallax scrolling, showcases, and an animated slider. 

This drag and drop page builder also does wonders for video sites, whether you want to use a template layout or use it as a background. You can select from hundreds of different templates in terms of visual style, each one publishing video content in sliders, or a header, or even a full-page background. 

Divi excels in simple operations and a clean interface because it was written for beginning web publishers. While you can control many details of the size, including fonts, colors, text styles, and even animations, you also get more fun with transforming elements and using advanced filters. The theme works with other builder solutions though it offers its fixes without new code. 

Divi offers fast loading, giving you the ideal layout according to your preferences in just seconds and a preview screen. The real-time website building, along with the live preview, according to your chosen device. You don’t have to fill out forms to see how the page looks. 

The “all-in-one” approach of Divi is one reason why it’s a popular download. It not only handles videos but also gives you control over live editing, rows, columns, and layouts so that you can display videos most efficiently, whether your audience is using a mobile device, tablet, or desktop PC.

Divi’s feature of importing a ready layout is one of the best ways for a nervous beginner to get started. Don’t start with an overwhelming blank page. Discover how things work by using a template that’s ready to go, and that matches your content. 

Get started right away, and more importantly, change your theme right away if you feel the need to restructure. Everything’s easy to manage, with an all-in-one solution like Divi. 


  • Drag and drop editing, with true visual editing of your site in real-time 
  • Save unlimited custom designs
  • 800 premade designs and 100+ website layouts
  • Believed to be the most popular WordPress theme
  • Money-back guarantee


  • More like a complete system, with email, social sharing, and site builder – pricier than average


  • $89 a year
  • $249 for life

6. Relive– Most Efficient Magazine Style Video Theme

The Relive video-centric theme has a distinct look and mood, and one that encourages storytelling, through a combination of video, text, and photography. The responsive theme has many modern features that make for more immersive visitor experiences. 

Using integrated multimedia and a retina-ready option for superior image quality, Relive can display videos, podcasts, photos, articles, and other “personal stories” in an organized way, with an artful display style. The page is also customizable and ideal for fashion or travel posts where both video and photos will be posted on the same page.

The style is minimalist and clean, but the customization level is impressive. Change blog layouts, single posts, headers, transparency levels, menus, and other custom elements, or keep things simple with a carousel slider and insertable slides to create a trending stories category. You can also integrate the Relive theme with your own choice of modern page builder plugin. 

The site has modern pagination features to display blocks of information at a time, to speed up load time – an important factor in SEO optimization and better search rankings. 


  • Lightweight design and yet made with a distinct mood and presentation
  • Over 600 Google fonts
  • One-click demo for beginners
  • Free visual composer plugin included with purchase
  • Get HTML exports so you can transfer the site to other site editors like Joomla, Drupal, etc.


  • May not be useful if you don’t have a lot of articles, images, sound files to include along with video


  • $58, Starter
  • $99, Developer
  • $299, Lifetime

7. Superflick – Most Cinematic Video Theme

Superflick may be a general-purpose theme for video, but it’s certainly clear why it’s recommended for movies, TV, and internet shows. The theme has some impressive templates for publishing professional-quality movies and multiple videos at a time. 

You can choose from Superflick demos to give your project a movie-trailer look, including not only the video but also the text. The layouts allow you to simply add your own personal touches to a standardized format. However, you’re not limited by the layouts since you can mix and match a number of videos, audio files, and other multimedia projects. 

Even if you’re totally in the dark about working with a video publishing theme, the demo content importer will guide you through the process. All you have to do is upload your content and customize your text. If you prefer, you can customize other details using the WPBakery Page Builder, which is included with purchase and integrates well with the Superflick theme. 

Superflick works well for video artists and filmmakers and agencies and studios who want to create a portfolio with freedom and flexibility. While the over 100 templates are impressive in their own right, the ability to alter and create an almost unlimited number of unique layout changes is one of the best features of Superflick. 

Other modern features include mouse hover previewing, video backgrounds and zoom effect, sliders, galleries, menus, MailChimp integration, social sharing links, and built-in feeds widget area. 

Superflick is not only one of the most customizable themes, but its dramatic highlighting of video content can turn any trailer into a studio-quality exhibition. 


  • Unlimited layouts
  • 100+ templates
  • “Steal” the demo template with your content
  • Page builder WPBakery Page Builder included
  • Choose between eight sliders


  • Designed for films and music, not necessarily other videography projects


  • $69

FAQs About WordPress Themes and Video

What’s the difference between themes and templates?

While the term “template” is sometimes used colloquially to refer to the overall design, the most accurate definition for a complete package of page layout details is called a theme. WordPress themes refer to your entire site’s unique designs, made possible by the theme developer, using WordPress’ CMS system. 

A WordPress template is a single-page layout that is part of the overall WordPress theme. There may be multiple templates, or even hundreds, within one WordPress theme. There are also more complex definitions of templates, such as PHP templates and hierarchies used in WordPress coding, as the official WordPress blog explains.

When it’s time to spruce your site up, you don’t install templates – you install themes, which let you change templates and redesign your site’s layout. 

What Do People Mean When Referring to Coding, CSS, HTML, and PHP?

These are the languages of web design that programmers understand, but that many new site builders take for granted – especially since their themes allow them to design website pages using a WYSIWYG editor, or “site builder.” An integrated site page builder means that this editor is proven to work with the WordPress theme. 

What should I consider when looking for a new video theme? 

Users may want to change slide layouts, color schemes, background images or movies, fonts, and animation effects. These aspects are all part of a WordPress theme. 

What’s the difference between themes and plugins?

WordPress themes are made to alter a site’s layout and edit multiple aspects of style and display. Plugins are more mechanical and have to do with adding new features to your WordPress CMS system. 

Generally, you should install a new theme first (and make sure WordPress and your PHP system are up to date) and then install new plugins that “integrate” with that theme.

How many video themes can I have?

There is no limit, according to WordPress. But keep in mind keeping multiple themes that you do not use may waste your storage space. Having a few different themes, however, lets you change the look of your site in seconds.  

What is meant by the expression WordPress child themes?

No, “child themes” are not made for or by zillennials. Instead, they refer to themes that are “children” of an original parent theme – that is, a successful theme that was changed or edited slightly. The new theme is original but still derivative, as it used the same framework as the first theme.

Why is my background video not displaying correctly?

Simply installing a new WordPress theme doesn’t guarantee a video background will display correctly. Smart Slider plugins make the process easy, and so does publishing videos with high resolution. Read more about Smart Slider strategies from the Smart Slider page.

Remember that despite the high number of video content out there, less is still more! Videos on your site should be shorter in length, not only so that your audience will watch more of them, but also for faster page loading. 

You can also activate looping video, which doesn’t have to pause for buffering or start pagination, which only loads bits of content at a time. 

What is Bootstrap WordPress?

Bootstrap WordPress is a new technology and an expression commonly used to refer to web design mockups. You can get a “live” demo of what a website page looks like and its functionality. 

What does a responsive WordPress theme mean?

Responsive themes automatically adjust a layout based on the size of the reader’s screen and the resolution. Responsive themes are designed to enhance readability, even on smaller Smartphone screens.

How important is adding video to my site?

According to statistics compiled by Hubspot, video content leads to increased sales and increased traffic. Over 80 percent of respondents admitted video content marketing had surpassed blogs and infographics in importance.

Now more than ever, companies should extensively plan to publish video content and, as we’ve learned, develop a web presence to highlight those videos. 


Our research showed that Vlog was the best WordPress plugin made for video. While other themes effectively worked with video, Vlog was made for the task – and its level of customization and simplicity made it an ideal choice for first-time producers.

After all, you have to save your energy for creating high-quality videos. What you want at the end of the day is a WordPress theme that works for you, allowing you to concentrate on more pressing issues. 

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