7 Best WordPress Themes for Artists 2023 – Inspired Templates for Inspired People

As an artist, you have specific needs for your website that may not pertain to those in other professions. You need to ensure your art images are as beautiful as they are in person, that your pricing and contact information are readily available, and that your website design fits with your aesthetic as an artist.

Choosing the right WordPress theme will help you to achieve all of your goals and build conversions. A quick Google search garners so many options for themes that it can be incredibly overwhelming to choose. Luckily, we’re here to help with our seven favorite WordPress themes for artists.

What is the Best WordPress Theme for Artists?

We scoured the WordPress theme database to find themes that were shining stars in the art world, and we’ve narrowed down our list to the top seven.

  1. Divi– Best overall
  2. OceanWP– Best for Multiple Purposes
  3. Portfolio– Best for Social Media Promotion
  4. Galleria Metropolia– Best for Galleries or Museums
  5. Uncode– Best for Pre-Built Templates and Layouts
  6. KALLYAS– Best for Photographers
  7. Astra– Best in popularity

Each theme in our top seven is unique and offers artists something that the others might not. We love all of these themes, and we know that it won’t take long before you fall in love with one of them as well.

Divi took our top spot quite easily because of its ease of use and bold homepage design. It is not only simple for technophobes to understand and utilize, but it also sets a great tone to create returns from your website. After all, the goal of your website is to help sell your art or art services. Creating a portfolio-forward homepage is the first step to making money with your art.

Comparing the Top Themes

If you’re in a rush, check out this quick comparison of our favorite themes. If you’re not in a hurry,mthen go ahead and read our full review.

Theme Name Specific to Creatives? Cost User Level


Divi No $89-249 Intermediate
OceanWP No $39-129 Beginner
Portfolio Yes $49 Beginner
Galleria Metropolia Yes $59 Intermediate
Uncode No $59 Beginner
KALLYAS Yes $30 Intermediate
Astra No $249 (Pro) Intermediate

Seven Best WordPress Theme Reviews

Now that you’ve gotten to know each theme’s essential points, let’s take a deeper dive into our top seven WordPress themes for artists.


Best Overall

Divi is our favorite WordPress theme for artists because it’s more than just a simple theme. Divi changes how you build your websites because it allows you to use a visual building style that’s far superior to the typical drag-and-drop style that most themes use.

Artists are particularly suited to the visual building style because they tend to have an eye for sizes, shapes, and colors beyond what many other professionals possess.

You can utilize the visual building tools to make boxes larger, move logos, change colors, and edit almost every element of the page or post in front of you without having to dig into advanced settings or understand coding.


The features you get when you purchase the Divi theme are outstanding for both individuals who know nothing about website building and professionals in the field. You can not only edit visually, but you can also edit in bulk. That means if you want to change the size of all of your text in each box on a page, you don’t have to do it individually. It saves a lot of time.

Another fantastic feature of Divi is its page layout library. Instead of having a set number of pages, each with their specific look like many other themes, Divi allows you to choose each page’s look from their vast library of options. If you have particular ideas about what you want, then feel free to create your layouts based on your needs.

If backgrounds are essential to you stylistically, then you’ll love Divi. They have a variety of options of shape dividers for the backgrounds of each page on your website. That means you can have an ultra-hip look without a lot of work, creating the background in an image-building software before bringing it into your website.

Divi makes it so easy to make your website look like it was designed specifically for you without a template or theme involved with its transform tabs. You can change the angle of text, boxes, images, and more. You can even make some shapes look like they are in 3D. The options with this theme are almost limitless.


  • 30-day free trial available
  • Pay yearly or for a lifetime
  • Usable on multiple websites
  • No need to understand code
  • From scratch websites and pre-designed layouts available


  • Some users complain about support options
  • Difficult to get the full value of the software without extensive time spent


Best for Multiple Purposes

Whether you’re a designer, photographer, painter, or gallery owner, OceanWP probably has the layout needed to attract clients to your art. OceanWP is a multipurpose theme that comes with a ton of pre-built layouts to help you quickly and easily create a website for whatever type of art you do.


If you’re not excited about the idea of creating a layout or page template from scratch, that’s okay. With OceanWP, you can simply demo any of the pre-built layouts you find in their catalog and then import it to your website with a single click. From there, you can begin to add your wording, images, and more to create the personalized look you’re hoping to create.

The cost of a single website package under OceanWP is only $39 for a lifetime, but you’ll pay more if you’re hoping to use this theme on multiple sites, so you may want to upgrade immediately to ensure you can use the theme numerous times. There is also a 14-day risk-free money-back guarantee, so you can use the theme and decide if it will work for you.

OceanWP has an excellent support network, including a blog space where you can learn about the theme and discover tips and tricks on using it.

This theme is fully responsive, meaning it will allow your website to morph to show up perfectly on any device. That’s good news for artists who don’t want images distorted on smaller devices after creating their site on laptops or desktop computers.

OceanWP also has SEO, translation, and RTL built-in so you can attract clients of all cultures and promote your business efficiently without having to do the challenging work yourself.


  • Multiple uses for different professions
  • Generous support and learning resources
  • Fully responsive
  • Translation and RTL ready


  • The lowest price only buys your use of the theme on a single site
  • The maximum number of sites for the theme is only 25


Best for Social Media Promotion

Just like the name implies, Portfolio is a theme that focuses on artists who would like to display their work online the same way they would in-person. Portfolio is simple, sleek, and easy to use. It’s also fully responsive and has built-in widgets for every type of social media you could think of to help promote your business beyond your website.


Portfolio is a simple and straightforward theme. It only offers two blog styles and five types of layouts. It’s easy to overlook Portfolio because of its simplicity, but the lighter the theme you work with, the less buggy it tends to be. Portfolio has slow support, but it tends to have fewer user complaints than other broader themes.

The Portfolio theme is super affordable, especially compared to broader themes like Divi and Astra. It also offers the ability to use Portfolio on multiple websites with no penalty. Once you download Portfolio, you can use it as many times and in as many ways as you can.

As far as customization goes, Portfolio offers over 500 Google fonts to choose from to make your website stand out as your project. Portfolio links easily to your social media accounts using widgets. It focuses mainly on Twitter and Instagram, but you can also connect to other social media forms without much trouble.


  • Simple and light
  • Fully responsive
  • Social media focus
  • Smart sidebar


  • Email-only support options mean slow response times
  • Need another website builder or some coding knowledge to make adjustments

Galleria Metropolia

Best for Galleries or Museums

Many of the themes on our top seven list are multipurpose, which means various artists in different fields can customize them to their needs. Galleria Metropolia, however, is not a multipurpose theme. The designers of this theme made it specifically for galleries and museums. Its simple, modern style is a perfect complement to any exhibition or Showcase.


Galleria Metropolia extends the original WordPress admin panel to include extra customizations to ensure that you can make this theme fit your style and needs. The coding for the theme is valid CSS3 and HTML5, which means that anyone with a knowledge of coding can make changes beyond the theme’s customizations.

Custom widgets are another excellent feature of the Galleria Metropolia theme. These widgets allow you to manage content in ways that you couldn’t with a basic WordPress site. Also, Galleria Metropolia includes two popular slider plug-ins to help customize your page’s look and show off some of your exhibits or paintings.

The theme’s retina readiness and responsive layout is a double whammy that helps to ensure users have a great experience on your site. You can rest easy knowing that users will see the same beautiful site using an iPhone or a desktop.

With unlimited color possibilities and hundreds of Google fonts to choose from, Galleria Metropolia is an excellent option for galleries and museums who want to match their web aesthetic to their in-person venue.


  • Unlimited colors and customizations
  • Custom widgets included
  • Two slider plug-ins included
  • Valid CSS3 and HTML5
  • Responsive layout


  • Translation features can be problematic
  • Specific to galleries and museums, might not be suitable for other artists


Best for Pre-Built Templates and Layouts

With more than 70 pre-built layouts and over 400 section templates, Uncode is an excellent option for artists who aren’t excited about the idea of having to customize their site on their own or artists who want to build a perfect site in half the time. Uncode is pixel perfect, which means it will work hard to ensure your images stay looking beautiful after you upload them.


Uncode utilizes and advanced version of the WP Bakery page builder, which is a famous page builder for WordPress that allows extensive customizations and extra user-friendliness for those people who aren’t comfortable with website building yet.

You can start by looking through Uncode’s live demos, and then if you find one that you like, insert it directly into your website with one click and start customizing your text and images. Because of the variety of layouts available, this theme is an excellent option for almost every kind of artist.

If you’re unsure where to start with Uncode’s extensive library or if you’re nervous about what the results will look like, visit the Showcase. Uncode offers Showcase as an option for users to see recently completed websites from their theme. It’s an excellent way to get inspiration for your site.

Uncode offers adaptive images, which means that the theme will detect the screen size of a person who visits your site and adapt the images to fit the screen’s size so that the images look just as beautiful on every screen option.


  • Extensive layout and template options
  • Live demos with a one-click application
  • Privacy plug-in included
  • WooCommerce integrations
  • 100% responsive layouts with adaptive images


  • Some of the previewable layouts no longer exist
  • Customer support can be slow to respond


Best for Photographers

The KALLYAS theme is all about what’s happening “above the fold.” This focus means that a theme is an excellent option for photographers or other professionals who want to focus on potential clients’ attention on their work first and details later.


KALLYAS comes with a wide variety of slider options. Sliders are vital for photographers because they allow potential clients to view multiple images without scrolling down the page or moving to different pages.

Not only does KALLYAS have tons of layout options for a variety of needs, but their portfolio layout options are vast as well. Almost every artist needs a portfolio on their website, so having various options to choose from is vital to ensure your satisfaction during the website building process.

KALLYAS also has built-in pricing tables that you can easily customize to your needs. This is another reason that photographers will love this theme. It’s simple to put in your pricing and services in these tables, and you can customize the font and coloration to your needs.


  • PHP contact form
  • Built-in pricing tables
  • PSD files included
  • Multi-browser functionality
  • Quick and friendly support


  • Updates are infrequent so that bugs can occur
  • Can have slow loading times compared to other themes

Astra Pro

Best in Popularity

Bigger isn’t always better, but Astra Pro doesn’t fit that bill. Astra is the most popular WordPress theme on the market in terms of use. It offers options, support, and building tools that you won’t find in almost any other theme. Astra isn’t just for people who understand coding, either. This is the ideal theme for individuals who are brand new to website building for many reasons.


Fewer site blocks and faster loading times are at the forefront of what Astra achieves with its performance-focused layouts and coding. It comes ready to allow your website to look great on any device, from the smallest cell phone to the most massive desktop.

The number of design options available through Astra’s catalog is difficult to comprehend. They have various pre-built layouts, headers, menus and more. Your Pro license gives you the ability to customize every detail of your website, from the colors to the fonts to the photos and text boxes.

Astra is WooCommerce ready, which means selling your art or merchandise to support your art is simple. You won’t need special skills to understand how to set up your ecommerce page.

Utilize Astra’s spacing control to create a custom look on your site. If you want something a bit more ready to go, you can choose from a huge array of versatile layouts that are straightforward with their uses to easily select one that fits your needs. Astra also has boxed layout options that work great for photographers wanting to showcase their work.

With SEO optimization built-in and plug-ins to connect your social media accounts, it’s no wonder Astra is so popular. This theme will work for a wide variety of artists in all different professions.


  • Enhanced customizability
  • Built-in integrations to promote the website
  • Pre-built layouts and headers available
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Performance focused


  • Pro account is necessary to access all features
  • Pricey compared to other options

How to Choose a WordPress Theme for Artists

Choosing the right WordPress theme is vital to present yourself and your art in the best light. It would be best if you took your time to look through your options and get an idea of what’s out there before you make your final decision. Try out a few demos, and read through our handy how-to guide to ensure you choose the best option.

Responsive Layouts

Responsive layouts are almost impossible to live without regardless of your profession right now, but they are even more vital for an artist. Responsive layouts ensure that your site will look great still of the device on which a client is viewing it.

In addition to fully responsive layouts, looking for adaptive image options is essential for photographers and other artists. Adaptive images can detect the size of your clients’ screen and then adapt the size of an image to that screen to never appear pixelated or too large for the screen.

Performance Optimization

Loading times are a big deal for your clients. If it takes more than a few seconds to load your site, a prospective client might move on without even waiting to see your art. Looking for a theme that offers performance optimization can easily garner speeds up to 50% faster than a typical theme. Faster load times means more eyes on your art, and that means more money.

Plug-In Options

Look for a theme that offers several free plug-ins and options to purchase more. Plug-ins provide functionality that you can’t get with a theme alone. Themes are there for design and aesthetics, but if you’re looking to add more functionality for you or your website users, then you’ll often need to utilize plug-ins throughout your site.

Plug-ins can get expensive if you need several to ensure the functionality of your site. If the theme comes with plug-ins, you’ll be less likely to break the bank trying to create the missing functionality.

Check Reviews for Support Comments

The support you get with your theme will be vital to your success with that theme. Even if you decide on a beginner level theme, you’ll probably end up needing support for one thing or another. Not all themes come with the kind of help you will need.

You’re busy. You have art to create, merchandise to sell, and clients to help. You don’t need to wait three days for a response from your theme’s support department. Looking through your theme’s comments to check for issues with customer support will help you eliminate options that won’t be there for you when you need them.


There are so many WordPress themes out there for artists. A quick Google search will net you such a high number of options that it might be overwhelming to look through. We’ve narrowed down the search to our favorite seven, and we hope that you found one within those seven that you feel works well with your needs.

Our favorite is Divi because of its extensive customization options, from scratch user-friendliness and pre-built layouts, and 30-day free trial. Divi is also usable on as many websites as you want or need, making it an excellent option for an agency or an artist with multiple areas of expertise.

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