7 Best WordPress Themes for Business 2023 – Top Customizable Templates

Whether you’re starting your businesses, taking over an established brand, or revamping your company’s online presence, getting your website right is a big deal. If your coding skills aren’t exactly up to par, then the best way to create a business website is using a website builder like WordPress.

Once you’ve decided to build your site using WordPress, you’ll need to decide on a theme to help bring your site’s vision to life. There are so many themes available for WordPress sites that it can be tough to choose the best one for your business. That’s where we come in.

We’ve scoured the web to find the seven best WordPress themes for business, and we’ll give you all of the details to help you choose one that’s right for your needs.

What is the Best WordPress Theme for Business?

  1. Avada– Best overall
  2. Hestia– Best for simplicity
  3. Fortune– Best for well-established businesses
  4. Shopkeeper– Best for online retail
  5. Brompton– Best for service-based businesses
  6. Confit– Best for restaurants and cafes
  7. Astra– Most popular theme

Each of these themes offers something different to users looking to create a custom website for their needs, but Avada takes the top spot by a landslide.

We love that Avada allows you to customize your website from their basic theme or to choose a website style that they’ve already created for you. The styles work for so many types of businesses, from a cat food website to consulting, that it’s hard to find fault with this theme.

Comparing the Top Themes

If you’re in a hurry, check out our quick comparisons of the themes here. If you’ve got more time, then read on to see our comprehensive reviews of each theme.

Theme Name Overall Score Cost Plug-ins Included? User Level


Avada 9.5/10 $60 Yes Intermediate
Hestia 8.25/10 Free No Beginner
Fortune 9/10 $150 No Beginner
Shopkeeper 8.5/10 $59 Yes Intermediate
Brompton 8/10 Free Yes Beginner
Confit 8.75/10 Free No Beginner
Astra 9.25/10 $249 (Pro) Yes Intermediate

Seven Best WordPress Theme Reviews

Now that you’ve seen a brief comparison of our top seven themes let’s dig a little deeper to find out more about what each theme has to offer.


Best Overall

Avada has a lot to offer business owners of all kinds. It is a website builder in its own right, but it also provides pre-made websites to choose from if you don’t feel confident enough to build your own using this theme.

You’ll get excellent support for six months when you license Avada, but you can add on an additional six months of support for $18 more, which will bring you up to a full year or support for the service. That extra support can come in handy if you’re a novice website builder or owner.


Avada is a mobile-ready theme, which means that it can adjust your website to fit appropriately on cell phones and tablets without any extra work from you. Since most customers these days will view your site from their phone before viewing a computer, having a mobile-friendly site is imperative.

If you opt to create your website using this theme, then you can save and store many different templates as you go. Allowing you to save templates is a great way to save you time in the long run, because you may want to try out a few before deciding on the right style for your site. You can even have different templates for different times of the year, if necessary.

Avada comes with a drag-and-drop web page builder called Fusion Builder. It makes Avada even more comfortable to use for beginners and allows you to organize the website that works best for you and your clients.


  • Unlimited layout and design options
  • Pre-made websites
  • Performance optimization opportunities
  • Fusion Builder
  • It includes several premium plug-ins


  • Licensing and updates are inconvenient
  • Minimum requirements for web hosting are high
  • Need an additional caching plug-in for best performance


Best for Simplicity

If you’re a true beginner and want something easy to use and easy for your clients to navigate, look no further than Hestia. This theme is bright and airy, and it’s fully customizable to whatever you need for your business. Hestia is especially great for small businesses looking to develop an online presence for the first time.


Hestia is a one-page theme by ThemeIsle. Its style is modern simplicity without all the bells and whistles. It features a customizer that is easy to tweak any space you don’t feel work for your site.

If you want to do some more in-depth website building with this theme, you can use any website builder you’d like. You’re don’t have to feel tied down with Hestia because you can go with the easiest option for you to use or that has features you need.

Hestia also features WooCommerce integration, which makes it super easy to sell products through your website. WooCommerce is easy to use for you, but it’s also user friendly for your clients and customers. Even if you don’t sell products through your website, access to WooCommerce can come in handy in various ways.

Hestia is a great option for all kinds of business owners, but we think it’s especially nice for those small businesses that are just starting to dip their toes into an online presence.


  • WooCommerce integration
  • User-friendly
  • Free to download and use
  • Freedom to choose your page builder


  • Support for this theme is limited at best
  • Some users are finding bugs with the latest update
  • Not a great option for advanced users


Best for Well-Established Businesses

Fortune is a classy, clean, and modern theme that is a great option for well-established businesses or non-profit organizations who need their websites to make clients feel confident in their services immediately. This theme comes with four custom page templates built-in so that you can focus your energy on customizing the wording and images to fit your needs.


With four page templates to choose from, you can find the right style for your business needs. You can view each template’s previews to decide if you like that look best, and you can even combine them to create a custom experience for your clients.

Fortune comes with optimizations already in place for SEO, and it’s ad spaces are CTR optimized as well. That means that using this theme for blogging is easy as well, and adding a blog or ads to your business page can make you a little extra money.

Fortune comes with King Composer Pro, a drag-and-drop website builder, to optimize your site’s needs. It also comes translation ready so that customers all over the world can get the same great experience on your site with the click of a button.

Another feature that makes Fortune an excellent theme for more extensive and more well-established businesses is the multi-location Google Maps integration. You can easily present your office locations in multiple areas of the US or the world using this simple plug-in.

Finally, Fortune is a responsive layout, which means it will look great on any screen, from the smallest cell phone to the most massive computer.


  • Responsive layout
  • SEO optimized
  • WooCommerce and King Composer Pro built-in
  • The classy and clean theme comes with four pre-built page templates


  • Difficult to customize without coding knowledge
  • Pricey compared to most other themes
  • Newer theme option, so users may run into more bugs than with themes that have been around longer


Best for Retail Websites

Shopkeeper is a fully responsive theme for WooCommerce that the creators built with ecommerce functionality at the forefront of their minds. Shopkeeper is hugely popular with online stores, with more than 28,000 sites utilizing this basic theme for their ecommerce websites so far.


Shopkeeper is a beginner’s dream. The goal of this theme is to avoid you having to code to customize your site. It’s user-friendly at all levels, from initial set up to maintenance to support. Because Shopkeeper specializes in WooCommerce websites, it’s easy to find the right support and answers to any questions you might have along the way.

WPBakery helps you to build pages through a drag-and-drop formula that’s simple to understand. Having a page builder already integrated into the theme helps cut down on work on your end as well.

The headers available with Shopkeeper allow complete customization. You’ve got unlimited style options with this theme, which is a great way to set you apart from other online retailers right away.

You can even turn off the ecommerce portion of your site and use it for cataloging only if necessary. Then turn the functionality back on and start selling whenever you’re ready! The ability to turn ecommerce on and off is excellent for inventory time or trying to catch up when you first start.

The theme’s design is responsive and built for performance. Loading times are fast with Shopkeeper to keep your customers satisfied as they navigate to and through your website from your blog, to your portfolio, and your ecommerce pages.


  • Beginner-friendly
  • Built for performance and speed
  • WooCommerce compatible
  • A hugely popular option for retailers of all sizes
  • Easy to customize without coding


  • Cannot customize font sizes
  • Have to customize pages for mobile and desktop separately
  • Updates are necessary quite often/ high maintenance


Best for Service-Based Businesses

Brompton is a simple theme that works well for individuals in service-based businesses like real estate, consulting or law. It’s a fundamental, clean theme that you can customize; however, you like to fit your business needs. This theme isn’t quite as user friendly as some because it doesn’t come with the extra plug-ins and integrations that many themes on our list do.


Brompton is a very basic theme that you’ll use WordPress Customizer to alter to fit your company’s needs. Its classic, dark tone makes it a great option for professionals in businesses that cater to higher class clients. It has space for your logo or photo front and center on the header and then allows for multiple options to fit your needs.

If you’re interested in Brompton as a theme, you need to know that this isn’t the type of theme that you can customize easily without at least some prior knowledge of WordPress or CSS codes. You’ll probably need to make some minor adjustments along the way, and you’ll need to build page templates as well.

If you’re up for a challenge or confident in your website building abilities, Brompton is a great jump-off point. The available colors and fonts for this theme are classy and will likely give your clients confidence, but it may take some extra time to get the perfect look to your site.


  • Classic colors and fonts
  • Fully customizable
  • Fully responsive theme
  • Nothing fancy to get in the way of your customizations


  • Not for beginners
  • Need some coding knowledge to customize fully
  • No plug-ins or integrations built-in


Best for Restaurants and Cafes

Confit makes building a website for your restaurant or cafe fun and straightforward. It comes ready with options for menu pages that are easy to update, a photo gallery to show off your best dishes, and easy integration with OpenTable to help fill your seats with eager patrons.

The Confit designers built it specifically for restaurants, so you won’t be trying to add on necessary elements to a theme that wasn’t made for your specific type of business. It’s an excellent option for the restaurant industry, and it’s incredibly user-friendly.


Confit utilizes a simple sidebar widget for your contact information, including your hours and a map of your location. Location and contact information are vital parts of any restaurant’s web page, so having it pinned to the side is ideal.

You can also easily integrate your OpenTable site with your website with Confit. Add it to your sidebar as well so that patrons can start their journey to your dining room right from your website.

You can easily upload, update, and reorder your food menus at any time with ease using the Confit theme. Customers love knowing what they’re getting into before they get to the restaurant, so having a user-friendly menu option online is a great idea. Easy customization means that you can change prices, seasonal dishes, and more in no time.

Confit doesn’t have many add ons, to begin with, and it does require some coding knowledge to dig into customizations. Still, it’s overall user friendly and a great option for intermediate users or users who love the theme as-is.


  • Set up for a restaurant or cafe
  • Easy menu updates and customizations
  • Integration with OpenTable app
  • Sidebar widget for contact information and location


  • Need some coding knowledge to customize fully
  • No additional integrations or plug-ins
  • Not a widely used theme, so support is limited

Astra Pro

Most Popular Theme

If you’re looking for the most popular WordPress theme available, you’ll want to check out Astra Pro. Astra Pro isn’t the cheapest option on our list by any means, but it has so much to offer that it’s worth every penny. You can even choose your plan so that you aren’t getting anything you won’t use, but you’ll have all the support and options you could need.


Astra is focused on website performance, which means you’ll see quicker loading times and fewer site blocks as you build and customize your site with this theme.

The amount of design options available with Astra is almost overwhelming. They offer various full layouts, header and footer options, transparent headers, sticky headers, mobile options, Mega Menus, and more. You can customize every aspect of the typography and every color on your site if you’d like to, and it all comes with your Pro license.

Astra is WooCommerce ready if you’re looking to build an ecommerce website, and the ecommerce options are just as customizable and easy to use as the rest of the Astra theme.

Website layouts with Astra are versatile and straightforward to your needs. You can choose fluid designs that stretch as wide or slim as you need, boxed layouts to focus on your most important content, or utilize spacing control to create a look that is unique to your site.

Astra is SEO optimized and comes with three other integrations to help your website gain popularity. Your online presence earns you new customers more often than not, which means that having different integrations to promote your business is imperative. It’s no surprise that Astra is one of the most popular WordPress themes across the board.


  • Fully customizable from fonts to colors to layout
  • Integrations to promote website popularity and usability
  • Custom layouts and headers are available
  • 24/7 support, video tutorials, and learning articles
  • Focused on performance


  • Cannot access all features without a Pro account
  • Expensive theme options versus others

How to Choose a WordPress Theme for Business

Business websites are different from your average blog or fun sites. They require things that other websites don’t need because a business website aims to attract clients and sell a product or service. These differences mean you’ll need to keep an eye out for specific details when choosing a theme for your businesses’ WordPress site.


Having a website that looks gorgeous on a desktop or laptop is great, but if it’s nearly impossible to navigate on a phone, then you’re probably losing a lot of business.

More than half of web usage was from phones in 2019. That means it’s just as likely someone will view your website on their phone as on their laptop. If your website is responsive, then you won’t have a problem, but if it’s not changing to fit a cell phone screen automatically, then your potential client probably won’t last long on the site.

Opting for a responsive layout handles the problem of cell phone and tablet viewing for you. It makes your website look great regardless of the device from which someone chooses to view it. That’s good news for you and your clients.

Browser Compatibility

A good theme will tell you every browser that it’s compatible with upfront. If it doesn’t, then let go right then and there. If a theme you like isn’t available with even one of the most popular browsers, you’ll want to look elsewhere.

Missing out on compatibility with a single browser, then a large number of people may not see a vital part of your page, and that could lose you some business.

Translation or Multilingual Ready

Make sure that your theme is translation or multilingual ready. Having the ability to see your website in any language means that you’ll get more views and potentially more clients.

Just because someone speaks English well enough to work with you doesn’t mean they wouldn’t prefer to read details in their native tongue. Having that option can make your business seem more inclusive and set potential clients and customers at ease.

Consider Going Premium

Choosing a premium theme isn’t right for everyone, especially with the added expenses that go with premium options. However, premium themes are great for a lot of reasons. The most impressive part of a premium theme is the theme-specific support you’ll receive.

You might think that a premium theme is unaffordable, but if you compare the time you spend figuring out a free theme on your own to the amount of money you’ll spend on a user-friendly and fully supportive premium theme, you may change your mind.


You have tons of options when you’re looking for a WordPress theme for your business, and that can make finding the best option tough for you to accomplish. Our top seven WordPress themes for business are an excellent place to start.

Avada is our favorite overall because it has everything you need to customize your website in a user-friendly way that anyone can use. All of our top seven are excellent options depending on your needs, and each one is responsive and ready for you to make it your own.

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