Best WordPress Themes for Blogging 2023 – Content Never Looked So Good

A lot of planning, organizing, hard work, and pure talent goes into creating a fantastic blog. Regardless of the topic or the content you post, it all comes together in the perfect package when you choose the right theme. 

WordPress has 200 themes, so what’s the best WordPress theme for blogging? 

What’s the Best WordPress Theme for Blogging?

In the interest of time, we’ve listed our top seven choices right from the get-go for anyone who can’t stick around: 

  1. Divi – Best Overall 
  2. Thrive Theme Builder – Best for Lead Generation 
  3. Hemmingway – Best Free Theme
  4. Typography – Best Minimalist Theme
  5. Astra Pro – Best for Premium Expansion
  6. Entrepreneurship – Best for Magazine Style 
  7. Angle – Best Flexible Space 

We’ve also gone into great detail about blogging themes and each of our top choices, so read on to learn even more valuable information. 

How We Determined Our Top Choices

The themes we picked weren’t just picked from a hat. In fact, we used a thorough screening process based on critical features that we feel are important for blogger themes. The features we focused on the most included:

  • Ease of Use
  • Customization/Design
  • Support
  • Value

These four components serve as a good starting point for finding a high-quality blogging theme. 

Divi – Best Overall

Created by Elegant Themes, the Divi theme has proven to be our number one choice overall. Not only is it prevalent among WordPress users across the board, but it builds in tons of useful and impressive features that are easy to implement. 


  • Extremely user-friendly
  • Ready to use out of the box
  • Highly customizable
  • Multipurpose use 
  • Easy and direct text editing
  • Mobile responsive layouts
  • Includes 20 premade layouts


  • You have to load your page before truly seeing the layout
  • No live chat support
  • Elegant Themes uses a separate marketplace, meaning you have to pay for additional plug-ins 

Ease of Use: 4.5/5

This functional theme is set to go from the start. It works just like any average WordPress theme – despite the fact that it’s third-party created. 

Divi is very much a learn-as-you-use platform. In other words, the best way to pick it up is to just jump right in. Once you get going, you’ll notice that all of the columns, content block, text boxes, and rows are simple to move, juggle, and adjust. 

Customization/Design: 4.5/5

Divi provides both premade layouts and the ability to completely customize your entire site. With the easy-to-use tools and many template options, you can essentially create any kind of structure or design that you can think of. 

You can start with anyone of their included designs or layouts and work from there.

One specific design element we’d like to highlight here is Divi’s split-testing module. Here, you can split your screen between two designs or layouts and review them side-by-side.

Support: 2/5

Users report having severe difficulties in terms of reaching out and making contact with support agents. Not only do they say that support agents take well over a day to respond, but there also appears to be problems with the live chatbox. If you don’t keep the chat box open on your screen, you will automatically get kicked out. 

Value 3.5/5

There are only two pricing options when it comes to using Divi: a yearly module and lifetime access.

As far as value goes, the lifetime option is pretty good. But we did find some issues with the limited yearly subscription. For example, your access is severely limited, even though you’re paying a significant amount.

Even with the upgrade, the theme has its own separate marketplace for plug-ins and add-ons.

Thrive Theme Builder – Best for Lead Generation

The Thrive Theme Builder is our favorite theme for bloggers who need to generate leads, make conversions, and secure reliable income from their content. 


  • Simply and fun customization (drag and drop)  
  • User-friendly and easy to operate
  • Start from scratch or use a Shapeshift starter theme
  • Thrive Editor allows for quick and easy content management
  • Lightweight and mobile-optimized
  • Conversion and website traffic focus


  • Basic understanding of WordPress is required
  • Theme is not compatible with some e-commerce add-ons like WooCommerce 
  • Theme is not recommended for code users

Ease of Use: 4.4/5

Thrive Theme Builder was designed to let you achieve a professional-looking website without the use of a professional.

Using Thrive starts with three simple steps:

  1. Upload Thrive Theme Builder
  2. Follow the simple Site Creation Wizard
  3. Add content and publish it

It really is that easy. Plus, you have the option to build your theme from scratch or use the Shapeshift feature. This little tool lets you design a custom site in just about 15 minutes.

Customization/Design: 4.5/5

The Thrive Theme Builder is an excellent option for anyone who’s not quite technically savvy, but still wants complete control over the design aspect of their website. This is great for bloggers because you often need to showcase your personality through your website’s appearance. 

With Thrive, users have so much control that they can literally alter their theme pixel by pixel. Even individuals with little to no coding or site-building experience can create and customize every element, including fonts, colors, layouts, category pages, headers, footers, sidebars, and more.  

Support: 4.9/5

Thrive Theme’s support meets the standard of excellence. They are highly responsive and easy to get in touch with, especially considering the access to support tickets right in your dashboard. You will absolutely get a response within 24 hours, but likely even sooner.

Value: 4/5

It seems that users get a lot for their buck when it comes to Thrive. There are two membership options: the Thrive Membership and the Agency Membership. This nice thing about Thrive is that they divide their memberships by need.

The Thrive Membership is recommended for individuals and entrepreneurs, while the other is for agencies and web designers. We like this because it leaves no question as to which you will need. 

Hemmingway – Best Free Theme 

Hemmingway is our choice for the best free theme for bloggers. Simple yet appealing to the eye, this is a theme that even the newest of bloggers can find great value in. 


  • Basic theme for beginner bloggers
  • Free option that allows you to start out without paying 
  • Clean and attractive appearance with some personalization options
  • Excellent performance and mobile-optimized
  • Easy installation and activation
  • Special post format options


  • Minimal design/formatting options
  • Limited widgets/add-ons 
  • Little to no support

Ease of Use: 5/5

Because the Hemmingway theme focuses on the written word over design, super-technological features, and development, it’s incredibly easy to use. If you’re a blogger who simply wants to write without worrying about setup, design, and distractions, this is the theme for you. 

Upon setup, users simply have to activate the theme – and just like that, you’re ready to go. It already looks good, and it’s ready for mobile devices as well. 

Customization/Design: 3.5/5

Because this theme was specifically created to be simple and easy to use, it feels hard to give it a customization rating. While there may not be a whole realm of design options at your fingertips, there are a few things that you can control.

The Hemmingway theme allows users to customize colors, including accents, backgrounds, links, and buttons. You can also create custom header images and post in special formats, including video, quotes, and standard. 

There are also four different areas for widgets if you so choose to include them.

Basically, you can tweak your formatting a little bit, so it’s nice to have those options even with such a simple platform. 

Support: 2.5/5

The critical thing to understand here is that Hemmingway was a theme that was kind of created in someone’s spare time. It’s not super involved, it’s easy to use, and there’s not a lot of features – so basically, not a lot can actually go wrong. 

Because of these details, the support really isn’t super involved here. You can secure essential support within the WordPress forums, but you won’t have access to technical documentation, live chats, or genuinely dedicated support. 

Value: 4.5/5

Considering this theme is free, there’s really not much to question on its value. Most individuals who use this theme come here for the explicit purpose of a no-hassle, no-cost platform to post their personal writing. 

That being said, when you’re paying nothing for something, you’re getting a pretty good value. 

Typology – Best Minimalist Theme 

As the name suggests, the Typology theme is a modernized, text-based WordPress theme that boasts a minimal design that allows bloggers to focus on what they do best: write. 


  • Minimalist designs focus on content over design
  • Simple and easy to use 
  • Compatible with a wide range of plug-ins, browsers, e-commerce programs, and software
  • Responsive design
  • Fast and reliable speeds


  • Does not use images
  • Not ideal for visual bloggers

Ease of Use: 4.5/5

When there’s less to set up, learn, and put into place, themes become that much easier to use. The Typology theme lets your focus on what’s important and puts everything you need well within your reach. 

It’s incredibly easy to start your page, with most things being pretty self-explanatory. However, if you do run into a bump along the way, the responsive support team is there for comprehensive guidance. Plus, you can always tap into the step-by-step setup guide.  

Customization/Design: 4.8/5

Hear us out on this one. Yes, this is a minimalist theme. However, the theme has also managed to capture the attention of users even without the use of images or animations altogether. 

Users still have several design and customization options they can implement to make their blog their own. 

From top to bottom, you can choose various displays for your cover area, your intro, your posts, and more. You can select your ideal layout, and of course, fine-tune your typology from font style to font size and beyond. 

With unlimited colors, fonts, and logo optimization, you can genuinely make this simple website your own with ease. 

Support: 4.6/5

In some cases, themes with minimal design selections tend to have less than stellar support. However, Typology is the exception. Customers rave about their support team, who typically answers in 24 hours or less. You also have access to WordPress experts and a complete setup guide. 

Value: 4.8/5

For just $59, you can set up your captivating yet straightforward blog focused purely on your writing. If you’re looking for a platform that you can make your own without having to worry about extra frills and complicated coding, then this is it. 

The value is excellent here; we can’t say enough about it. 

Astra Pro – Best for Premium Expansion

While Astro Pro is an excellent theme for beginners, we also love that it offers fantastic premium expansions so your site can grow as you develop your skills and knowledge. 


  • Versatile design for blogs, portfolios, businesses, and online shops
  • Free version allows you to start and explore
  • Offers tons of high-quality designs and the ability to import more
  • Superb upgrade options – both paid and free
  • Created by a long-running development company


  • Extra steps for customer support
  • Limited style and layout options for comments, headers, and other areas

Ease of Use: 4.8/5

Astra lets you use the page builder of your choice, so you can pick whichever one you’re most familiar with. And, you don’t have to use any code whatsoever. Both of these details make the theme incredibly user-friendly. 

You can also opt to use the default theme. Here, you can still customize, but you get a starting layout that makes it simple to change a few things here and there as you please. Operation is fast, simple, and involves a lot less clicking and scrolling than other themes. 

Customization/Design: 4.9/5

The big deal about Astra Pro’s customization options goes far beyond the features and bleeds over into its speed. Many themes have a wide range of options, but the theme itself can’t handle these details without sacrificing speed.

With Astra Pro, you can customize essentially any little element of your website, including backgrounds, colors, typography, layout, and more. This is even true of the free version, which is super generous.  

Support: 4/5

Generally, support is outstanding across Astra’s platform. When you enter the support page, you do have to type in the issue you have before actually talking to someone. Some people find this extra step annoying, but it’s really not a big deal. 

Value: 4.5/5

Some users say that Astra Pro is one of the best WordPress themes ever. While we won’t go that far, we can agree that you are indeed getting your money’s worth with this theme. 

The theme is easy to use, fast, offers a free version, and tons of excellent design options. In fact, many users agree that even with the free version, they have more than enough to build a solid blog. The paid upgrade is just a bonus. 

Entrepreneurship – Best for Magazine Style

Writers and bloggers come in all shapes and sizes. Some prefer poetry, while others focus on satire. Entrepreneurship is an excellent choice for bloggers focusing on the magazine-style. 


  • Captivating design
  • Responsive design
  • Search engine optimized 
  • Fast and reliable 
  • User-friendly
  • Fully customizable


  • Many options designed for entrepreneurs may be irrelevant
  • Some aspects are a little complicated to set up. 

Ease of Use: 4/5

The easiest part about using Entrepreneurship is the setup. In just about three minutes, you can choose your basic settings and install your theme. The setup allows you to skip over certain steps that you can handle later on, or you can choose all your settings right away. 

Because of extra features like social media integration and shortcodes, inexperienced users might have a little bit of difficulty setting this theme up and customizing it. 

Customization/Design: 4.7/5

With Entrepreneurship, you have tons of options when it comes to customizing and designing your website. You can choose from advanced typography, unlimited sidebars, unlimited color schemes, and even huge, customizable menus. 

It also comes ready for widgets, several languages, and a wide range of file types. You can use third-party plug-ins and even apply code edits. Basically, there’s nothing you can’t do. 

Support: 4/5

Not only does Entrepreneurship offer 24/7, 365-day support, but they also deliver a Child Theme Support that lets you build your own theme. When direct support is lacking, they have extensive documentation where you can often find many of the answers to your questions about features and theme details. 

Value: 4/5

Given that support, customization, and ease of use average out across the board here, we agree that Entrepreneurship gives you a good value here. The membership often offers free trials for multiple sites, while the paid version is one-lifetime cost – and it’s a pretty good deal. 

Angle – Best Flexible Space

Angle is another minimalistic theme that was actually designed and created by bloggers. What could be a better option for bloggers than that? 


  • Clean, elegant, and simple design
  • Portfolio module focuses on writing and work
  • Customizable homepage, color, and typography
  • Plenty of space for widgets and add-ons


  • 1

Ease of Use: 4/5

There is so much that you can do with this simple layout that it may feel a little overwhelming at first. Of course, with images being an optional addition, it only becomes complicated if you take it to that level. 

Overall, the setup is super easy. With just one click, you can install your theme and get going. From there, you can customize what you like rather than spending hours upon hours setting up every little detail. 

Customization/Design: 4.5/5

The Angle theme delivers a theme options panel that lets you choose from a wide range of built-in theme options. You can edit your homepage, layout, colors, styles, and more. You can even go beyond these visible themes and edit items such as exporting/importing, SEO, and general settings. 

On top of that, Angle’s portfolio module lets you prominently display images. While other blogging sites focus on the words, this theme understands that some bloggers also want pictures, photo galleries, and visual effects. 

Support: 4.6/5

Angle has customer support agents that actually answer the questions that you have. They answer quickly and concisely, delivering comprehensive solutions that are easy to understand and implement. 

Value: 4.5/5

Compared to other themes, this one is particularly affordable. And with this low cost, you gain access to a simple design with a lot of options backing it up. It’s basic yet flexible, allowing you to showcase your portfolio without any hassles, coding, or hoops to jump through. 

How to Choose the Best WordPress Theme for Blogging

The great thing about being a blogger is that there are so many creators out there designing themes specifically for your sector. While other professionals, like sales leaders, photographers, and videographers, might have to find more specialized platforms for their craft, bloggers have the luxury of a wider range of options.

Ease of Use

As a blogger, your main focus is most like your writing. While you may implement things like videos, photos, etc., the words are the most important thing here.

Rather than a theme that requires coding and has complicated instructions for every step, look for a theme that implements drag and drop tools, easy-to-find sections, and helpful tips. 

Customization & Design Flexibility

Some WordPress themes come with set themes that cannot be changed once you have chosen them. Still, more of them have very set layouts and formatting that don’t really give you much room to toy around and change things up. 

The best WordPress themes allow bloggers to customize their pages, choose their own colors, and mess around with various fonts. While a theme will start out with a suggested color scheme, font choice, and layout, you should have the freedom to mix it up and try new things. 

Select a theme that will allow your creative side to thrive. You may not be a design expert, but that doesn’t mean you can’t put your own unique twist on any given page, header, or text box.


We’ll just come out and say this right away: the more money you’re spending on your theme, the more likely you are to have quick and reliable support.

That’s not to say that with a cheap or even a free theme, you definitely won’t have good support. In general, though, since you’re paying more, the theme’s creator wants you to stay happy. 

High-quality support is critical to have on hand should something go wrong with your website. When you’re up and running, live, and with loyal site visitors, the worst thing that can happen is a glitch in your site.


A lot of factors will come into play when considering the overall value of your WordPress theme. The main question here is this: is your theme worth the money you’re spending on it? 

Many of the themes we listed above come with monthly fees. The price ranges vary, as do the features built into each. A good theme will offer a wide range of features for a fair price. If you’re paying a lot per month for only a few features, there’s a chance you’re paying too much.

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