Best Lightweight WordPress Themes for Performance

Whether you run a personal site, a business portfolio, a storefront, or any other type of blog, WordPress themes help ensure your content looks put-together and cohesive. Most themes WordPress offers differ based on which content creators they’re catering to – personal blog styles offer different features than a storefront theme, for example. 

While WordPress offers thousands of different themes, they can often get very complicated and overcrowded. The more fluff a theme has, the slower your page may run when implemented. A “lightweight” theme means that it takes little power for your blog to incorporate, not affecting your site speed at all. If your goal is a fast yet cohesive looking page, this list of the top lightweight WordPress blogs is for you. 

What You Need to Know About WordPress Themes

A few key terms are helpful to know for this ranking of the top 8 lightweight WordPress themes. First, WooCommerce is a plug-in that is compatible with specific WordPress themes, allowing storefronts and businesses to sell and advertise their products easily. Essentially, it effortlessly turns your page into an online store. 

Second, page builders: A page builder is something used on WordPress to help creators format and create pages to make their themes stand out. Page builders help add complexity to your WordPress blog. 

Third, SEO or Search Engine Optimization. If a WordPress theme has SEO concepts in mind, it merely means that the theme considers the traffic your blog will get based on specific keywords from search engines. Certain themes implement SEO practices, giving your blog the chance to show up on online searches and gain more views. 

After getting to know these terms, if you’re looking for a simple yet effective theme to help your blog get started, this is the place for you. If you can’t get your blog to look the way you’d like while maintaining its speed and accessibility, perhaps you need to implement a lightweight WordPress theme. 

Generate Press 

Generate Press is a lightweight, basic theme offered on WordPress. It adds less than 10KB to your page, meaning it keeps things running quickly. The simple design is easy on the eyes and keeps things uniform and cohesive. Generate Press is suitable for any content, be it a personal blog, a business venture, or a storefront. 


The main features of Generate Press include its user-friendly interface, its compatibility with plug-ins, and its ability to be maneuvered through quickly. GeneratePress offers a block template where your blogs each get a small feature with the ability to expand to continue reading. 

The short blurb promoting each blog includes the date published, any tags, and the title. The sneak peeks into your content is a great way to get viewership up with exciting and enticing storylines. 

The theme flows flawlessly and is simple yet aesthetically pleasing for those who prefer a toned-down look. GeneratePress boasts the ability to work with all page builders, making it easier to shape your blog exactly how you see fit. 

The speed is one of its most alluring qualities – being able to add a professional-looking format while making the site speedy to use is a massive plus for viewers. The ability to work well with multiple plug-ins is also a bonus as it allows you to add flare to your site. 


  • User friendly
  • Adding less than 10KB to your page 
  • Compatible with many plug-ins and page builders 


  • Bland colors 
  • Commonly used block style

Bottom Line

GeneratePress is perfect for those that don’t want to stand out. The theme offers little color and vibrancy, so someone looking to remain neutral and straightforward would enjoy this theme. GeneratePress is a great beginner option to help new bloggers get an idea of how they want their site to look. 


A similar option to GeneratePress, Astra is a lightweight theme adding less than 50KB to your page. The theme provides quick perusing and customizability. Astra is an excellent option for any personal blog, business, or storefront. 


Astra’s main features are the simple, lightweight design, its ability to be changed based on your preferences, and its compatibility with page builders. Similar in look to GeneratePress, Astra offers a block design that previews your blogs. While GeneratePress has separate blocks for each blog, Astra’s blocks run onto one another, creating a seamless and cohesive page. 

The blog previews feature the title, small snippet of your writing, date published, and categories. Astra is SEO-conscious and ensures search engines will favor your site. The theme can provide unparalleled speed to its users and viewers due to it being so lightweight. It also offers full customizability, stating you can alter the theme to fit exactly how you want your blog to look. 


  • Extremely fast 
  • Adding less than 50KB to your site 
  • Customizable 
  • Simple layout for any user
  • SEO concepts in mind 


  • Not stimulating to look at 

Bottom Line

Astra is the perfect theme for someone who values speed over creativity. While the theme may be customizable, it lacks color and flare, leaving it quite bare. However, for those who prefer a reliable site over a bright one, this theme would work well. It also favors SEO concepts and is compatible with page builders, helping your site gain traction. 


Portfoliolite is the perfect lightweight theme for those looking to start their online portfolio. The banner across the opening of your blog displays the name in a sure-to-see place. 


The main features of Portfoliolite include its ability to use WooCommerce, its versatility for not just portfolios but businesses and storefronts, its compatibility with a large number of WordPress plug-ins, and its ability to work with page builders. The theme showcases each blog title prominently along with the date published, the number of comments, and the post category. 

The pop of color in the “Read More” links leave the blog, as a whole, looking very neat and orderly while adding a splash of fun. Not in a block style, the seamless look of the theme adds to the professionality and is great for a portfolio that aims to showcase different works. The seamless aspect also allows viewers to scroll continuously amongst your portfolio, ensuring they see all the work you have on display. 


  • Seamless 
  • WooCommerce compatibility 
  • Perfect display for those looking to showcase their portfolio 
  • Page builder compatible 


  • Similar to other seamless themes 

Bottom Line

Portfoliolite is the perfect option for someone who has a large amount of work to share. While it may work for a business or a storefront, this theme does exceptionally well with portfolios (hence the name). 

If you are looking to display your content, Portfoliolite is the perfect starting point. The natural flow of this theme is what keeps it speedy and light. Its ability to work well with WooCommerce and page builders helps creators share their content professionally yet tastefully. 


PopularFX is another lightweight theme that goes above the basic set-up. It allows for a plethora of different formatting options and customizability while remaining speedy.


The format of PopularFX follows a more intricate block style. While each blog has its preview, there are more options to add to your snippet. There is also the ability to add lists, HTML, links, photos, elements, tables, checkboxes, and headings. The addition of these formatting options makes your blog cleaner and more put together while remaining fast and easy to use. 

The blog title will appear across the top banner, with the option to add links to other areas such as an About Me page or your Contact Info. PopularFX is an excellent way for creators to keep the speed while adding a few extra features that make their blog stand out. Its simple nature caters more towards a personal blog rather than a business or storefront. 


  • Quick to navigate 
  • Simple yet effective 
  • Offers formatting customizability 
  • Good for personal use 


  • Lacking color
  • Not the best option for businesses or storefronts

Bottom Line

PopularFX follows the roadmap for an option providing simple yet effective themes. Again, perfect for those who prefer catering to practical usage over aesthetics, PopularFX is an excellent option for the personal blogger who wants a reliable blog page. 

Top Store

Top Store is the perfect lightweight WordPress theme option for online stores. Unlike the themes based on personal blogs, Top Store provides features that benefit those selling and marketing a product. Storefronts often require a slightly different set-up than a personal blog as they have products to sell instead of stories to share. 


Top Store’s user-friendly template allows for easy navigation, which is essential when selling a product. The theme provides header and footer options, making it easy for customers to find what they’re looking for. The customizable pop of color along the banner provides a nice touch to the theme’s otherwise simplistic nature. 

A drop-down menu provides the perfect spot for customers to look through everything offered, allowing them to find products they enjoy. Each post has a preview, allowing customers to browse through merchandise and learn about what the store is selling. The theme also allows for a search of the site, providing customers with the ability to look up specifics. 

The theme offers helpful features such as a comparison tool where your customers can compare one product versus another, a product carousel that displays each product, and a wishlist where they can save their favorites. Top Store also provides a quick link to the comments so customers can see what others are saying about your products. 


  • Simple for all customers to navigate 
  • Features to help improve quality for customers 
  • Fast 
  • Customizable colors 


  • For storefronts only – one customer base 
  • Your store won’t stand out with this basic theme

Bottom Line

Top Store provides a great starting point for a new storefront that needs a template to get going. It will allow your store to be viewable and clickable while implementing a few neat features to impress your customers. The simplicity of it will enable the customers to view quickly, something that can come in handy if your site has a lot of traffic. 

Due to the specific nature of a storefront site, Top Store is a great option when it can be challenging to find a reliable storefront theme. While speed isn’t always an absolute necessity for a personal blog, a storefront can lose customers quickly if it’s ineffective and slow. A simple styled theme like Top Store ensures that customers remain happy and returning. 


Airi is a great option for those looking to run a business site or blog. While good options for both, Airi offers a more professional set-up that many other themes are lacking. If your blog happens to lean more professionally or has a more mature audience, Airi is an excellent theme to add. 


Losing the block theme, Airi has a seamless feel as all the content flows very nicely. A small line separates each post preview from one another, allowing you to scroll through past content endlessly. Each post preview features the date posted, the title, how it’s categorized, the number of comments, and a snippet of the text. 

Airi provides WooCommerce support, helpful if you are promoting or selling any merchandise. The versatility of WooCommerce will allow your business site to take off and sell to its full potential. Airi is a great option for those looking to start their business site from the ground up with a little help.

The customizability of both WordPress and WooCommerce together will allow for an original and diverse page for your business. The seamless feel also adds professionalism, allowing customers and viewers to take your page seriously. 


  • WooCommerce compatibility 
  • Sleek and easy to follow 
  • Seamless 
  • Perfect for up and coming businesses 


  • Only suitable for businesses 
  • Not the best option for established businesses 

Bottom Line

Airi is a great, lightweight option for businesses that are looking for help starting their page. For those that are new to the game, this is the perfect theme to help you get a basis for your website. The compatibility with WooCommerce will provide a lot of help in getting your content seen and product purchased. The seamless feel makes your site look welcoming and put-together, and the speed of it will keep customers coming back again and again. 


Ocean WP is another option that stands as one of the best lightweight WordPress themes. The seamless flow of each blog allows for a sleek look that viewers can enjoy. Straying from the typical block-style while remaining speedy is a perfect alternative for those looking to create a website. 


Ocean WP, similar to Airi, provides a seamless and sleek looking theme. While Ocean WP is similar to Airi in its ability to work well for a business site, it is also suited for a personal blog or portfolio. WooCommerce, again, is compatible, an essential feature for any storefront. 

SEO concepts were integrated with Ocean WP, ensuring your blog brings in the most views possible. The lightweight design allows for speed and quick access among devices. The customizability makes it so that you can change your site’s look to better fit the device viewing, whether it be a tablet, phone, or PC. 

Page builders were also kept in mind when formating Ocean WP, as they are easy to implement with the theme. Each post’s seamless preview shows a title, published date, category, and a small fragment of the total blog. 


  • Seamless look 
  • Speedy 
  • WooCommerce compatibility 
  • Page builder compatibility 
  • SEO concepts 


  • Not great for storefronts 
  • Similar view to other popular themes 

Bottom Line

Ocean WP is a great option for those looking to jump on the seamless wagon and leave the block style behind. The fluidity of the non-block themes makes your site look more professional and put-together, something that can provide continuous clicks and traffic. Ocean WP is a wonderful option for those looking to create a portfolio, as it displays content in an easy to digest, viewable manner. 


Blocksy is a lightweight theme that provides another different take on the block style blog. The shifting of the standard block style allows for a new look while remaining simple. Implementing the simplicity of styles like Blocksy is a great way to get started on your website with minimal effort for maximum gain. 


Instead of the common block style theme that runs horizontally with one long block across your screen, Blocksy provides three blocks vertically. Each section provides a small blurb featuring your post, the date, and the title. This unique take on the block style helps break up the basic look’s monotony while keeping the same speed that a lightweight theme offers. 

The Blocksy theme is an exceptional option for those looking to start a personal blog, a business blog, or a storefront. The vertical block style allows for a theme that is customizable in a personal or professional way. It has SEO concepts in mind, allowing your blog to gain the most access. It also had WooCommerce built into it, meaning you can ensure that anything you sell is getting the best chance. 

Blocksy works with the best WordPress page builders, meaning your blog is customizable to an extent and able to look its best with minimal effort on your part. The vertical block view allows viewers to get more post previews per page, ensuring they can get an idea of your content quicker and decide if it’s something they want to see more of. 


  • A unique take on the block style theme 
  • SEO concepts 
  • WooCommerce compatibility 
  • Works well for any blog
  • Fast 


  • Not extremely customizable 

Bottom Line

Blocksy is a superior option for either a business, personal blog, storefront, or more looking to jazz up their site. The unique flare on the original block-style theme is a perfect way to keep a lightweight blog’s simplicity and speed while standing out from the crowd. The extra vertical blocks also allow for multiple samples of your work to be on display at once. The uniform look is appealing and sure to please readers. 

Try a Lightweight WordPress Theme

Depending on what type of site you’re running, these lightweight WordPress themes are sure to garner recurring clicks. While all simplistic, they provide the necessities for running a successful blog. Speed is a priority for a lightweight theme, which is why all of these value swiftness and accessibility. The easy navigation and basic outlook allow for a plethora of different users to enjoy your content. 

The block format is the classic style that most lightweight themes follow, as it is easy to keep simple while things remain navigational. While most of these follow that same style, they are all unique enough to offer slightly different templates. A business, storefront, personal blog, or portfolio-maker will benefit from any of these themes. 

The customizability of nearly every single one of these lightweight themes allows you to alter your blog to your specific preferences. Implementing a lightweight theme is perfect for a new blogger who needs the basics while they’re getting settled. Changing colors and font styles is ideal for making your blog feel more like home while not having to code a theme by yourself. 

Consider any of these themes if you need help getting set up with your site in the beginning. These are great options for someone who is just starting – if you are an established blogger and WordPress user, perhaps you would be comfortable with something more elaborate. If you aren’t interested in some fancier blogs’ intricate complexities, then these could be great additions to your page. 

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